The Fountain Hook Has Returned to Dota 2 With Diretide

The Fountain Hook Has Returned to Dota 2 With Diretide

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • The custom game mode of Diretide has brought the infamous Fountain Hook back.
  • Certain skills like the Pudge's hook if timed accurately at the end of a round bring the enemy hero to that particular spot at the start of the next round.
  • The Fountain Hook bug got a lot of recognition at TI3 when Puppey used Chen to send Dendi's Pudge back home as he hooked an enemy.

A lot of fuss and debate had been created when Puppey on Chen cast Divine Favour on Dendi’s Pudge while he accurately timed a Hook which brought Tong Fu’s heroes into their base. The infamous Fountain Hook at The International 2013 continues to be one of the most memorable moments for any Dota 2 fan. Now, you can somewhat replicate this insane mechanic in Diretide.

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The Fountain Hook Returns In Diretide Mode

Dota 2 players have been grinding a lot of candies recently as the Diretide event returned after nearly seven years. With a host of new features and cosmetics and in-game items and treasure drops becoming more common and tradable for this period, Dota 2 seems to be on a road to revival. The average player count seems to have surged after nearly 6 months which certainly is a happy sign for any Dota 2 fan.

The Fountain Hook Has Returned to Dota 2 With Diretide

With all the new and exciting stuff getting incorporated in the game, some game blowing features or bugs as many call them have found their way back. The Fountain hook bug that Na’Vi exploited at TI3 has returned but with an alteration. 

The Diretide custom game mode has five rounds to be played. So, if a player hooks the enemy hero just before the conclusion of a particular round, the enemy hero will land at the hooked position at the beginning of the next round. Although not as broken as it earlier was, it is still a mechanic that players can abuse in the mode. Players have also found out similar bugs in regards to Sven, Ember Spirit, Undying, Wraith King etc. 

The Fountain Hook Has Returned to Dota 2 With Diretide

The problem seems to be there with hero spawns when a skill is cast just before a round ends. A couple of Diretide updates have been rolled out since the custom game mode was officially released on October 29 but none of the updates has addressed this issue. 

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The Fountain hook at TI3 was fixed after Na’Vi defeated TongFu in the semi-finals.  It will be interesting to see if Valve persists with this bug to add a fun element to the game mode or it removes it in any upcoming updates.

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