Na'Vi and Secure The Playoffs Berth At ESL One Germany

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  • Na'Vi beat Yellow Submarine 2-1 to secure a playoffs spot at ESL One Germany 2020.
  • In a very hard-fought contest, emerge out stronger as they defeat NiP 2-1 to occupy the final playoffs spot.
  • 8 teams have reached the playoffs which are scheduled to begin on October 23. Secret Vs Nigma followed by Liquid Vs mudgolems will be the first two series.

The final day of the Swiss-Format group stages of ESL One Germany 2020 culminated yesterday with Na'Vi and becoming the final two teams to reach the playoffs. They join Alliance, Team Secret, OG, Team Nigma, Team Liquid and mudgolems in the playoffs which are scheduled from October 23 to November 1. 

Na'Vi and Secure The Playoffs Berth At ESL One Germany
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Na’Vi’s Win Over Yellow Submarine

Both Na’Vi and Yellow Submarine were levelled up at 2 series win out of 4 and needed to win this final match to reach the playoffs. The battle went all the way to 3 matches as Na’Vi was able to grab the crucial win and a playoffs spot. 

Yellow Submarine was able to take Game 1 off some decent drafting and gameplay. Na’Vi came back stronger in the second and third game as they showcased clean performances in both the maps. Na’Vi’s experience as a squad proved to be clinical as they held their nerves after the loss in the first map and then beat Yellow Submarine 2-1. 

Yellow Submarine will certainly be happy with the performance they delivered throughout the group stages. They had very hard matchups which included Team Secret, Team Nigma, OG, NiP and Na’Vi out of which they were able to win the series against Nigma and NiP. They have some extremely talented players and will look to perform ever better in upcoming leagues

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The last series of the group stages witnessed taking on NiP with the final playoffs spot on the line. The series proved to be taxing for the players but absolutely exciting for the viewers as both Game 2 and Game 3 crossed the 60-minute mark. was able to hold its nerves to secure the victory 2-1.

In Game 1, NiP was the better team both in case of drafting and execution. They had the better draft, won the laning phase and pushed the advantage early to end the game and become one step closer to the playoffs. However, had different plans as they bounced back in the second game which ended just after 60 minutes. A very unusual mistake from Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan on the Storm Spirit in this game might have been very costly but was able to tie up the match at 1-1.

Game 3 was an absolute cracker of a match which lasted for a long 74 minutes. NiP drafted a cheeky last pick Broodmother for Ondřej "Supream^" Štarha in order to catch with their pants down. But was prepared as they played a 4-protect-1 strategy with their Sven. Shad on the Sven farmed like a madman and had a LH count of 1.2k by the end of the game. Aramis on Rubick was the real MVP of the game as he stole some crucial spells and was always positioned perfectly in the teamfights. With a better late game draft, was able to reverse sweep NiP and qualify to the playoffs. 

The playoffs begin on October 23 with two series. The first series is expected to be a banger as OG takes on Na'Vi following which Team Secret will battle Team Nigma. Almost all the expected teams have been able to reach the playoffs but the question that players and viewers are still scratching their head about is: who will end Team Secret’s unstoppable winning streak? Only time can answer this as we wait for an exciting week of European/CIS Dota 2. 

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