OG Topson Reveals How Fatherhood Has Changed His Motivations


OG Topson Reveals How Fatherhood Has Changed His Motivations

Vignesh Raghuram
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OG managed to secure a berth in the playoffs of the ESL One Germany 2020 following an easy 2-0 victory over Yellow Submarine in the Group Stages. Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen was instrumental in this win with scintillating performances as Morphling and Silencer in Games 1 and 2 of the series. Following the conclusion of the series, the player talked to the panel about a number of topics including fatherhood, Nisha’s dominance in the midlane amongst other topics.

Topson States That Fatherhood Has Increased His Motivation

OG Topson Reveals How Fatherhood Has Changed His Motivations

The crew hosting ESL One: Germany 2020 congratulated Topson on becoming a father and questioned if it had made him a better player, in any respect. Topson responded by stating that he values and enjoys playing a lot more, which gives him some extra motivation.

“It has given me some sort of extra motivation to keep performing better. 

Obviously, there is more stuff going on now, other than playing. So when I play I enjoy it more because I don’t exactly have as much time to play as I used to. I think that is a part that gives me some extra motivation.”

Topson on Team Secret's Midlaner Nisha

When Topson was asked to name his Top 3 midlaners in the European region, the Finnish star revealed that he thought Nisha was a level above the rest of the field.

“Nisha, for sure. He is one of the better ones. I just feel like Nisha is a level above the other midlaners so I really don’t have anyone else to name.”

Earlier in February 2019, Topson spoke about how most mid laners approached the game in the wrong way by being too selfish.

“I believe that making the first move is always better than reacting on what your enemy does, that way, they are out of their comfort zone… almost all mid players are way too selfish and they don’t understand how Dota is really meant to be played. It’s a team game and no matter what role you play, you always have to think [about] what’s best for your team.”

So it certainly looks like Nisha has figured out how to approach the mid lane and has exploited it, allowing Team Secret to excel.

Topson also spoke about the meta of pro games and stated that there is still room for innovation and that it hasn’t been figured out yet, contrary to what pub players might think.

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