MATUMBAMAN States That He Was “Demotivated and Kind Of Stuck in Liquid.”

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • In a post match interview at ESL One Germany 2020, MATUMBAMAN stated that he was "demotivated and stuck up" in Team Liquid.
  • He thanked Team Secret for giving him a spot in the team as he thought his career could even end after TI9.
  • With Team Secret, MATUMBAMAN has enjoyed a lot of success. Team Secret is currently on an 8 tournament winning streak.

After Team Secret rekt Team Liquid 2-0 and booked a spot in the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020, Lasse Aukusti "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen was called in for a customary post-match interview. He was questioned regarding Team Secret’s winning streak and also how he has evolved as a star carry player.

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MATUMBAMAN’s Woes In Team Liquid

MATUMBAMAN is one of the most loved personalities in pro Dota, known for being very humble and soft-spoken. However, he was very candid with his answers in a post-match interview with the ESL panel.

When asked about his views on Team Secret’s stellar run and if that put any added pressure on them as a team, MATUMBAMAN was very straightforward with the reply.

“I don’t really know about these things. It’s online Dota after all, so who cares to be honest.”

He was then asked about how he has developed into a player he is right now after a low confidence stage where he went from Nigma(then Team Liquid) to Chaos Esports. He was also asked what his advice would be to any other players who are currently in a stage as he was earlier.

“I would say that you should aim for whatever goal you have set. As for myself, I was probably demotivated and kind of stuck in Liquid when we played. I kind of got a lifeline from Team Secret. It could have been the end of my career after TI9. Team Secret gave me a chance and I appreciate it and I am living it to the fullest.”

QO then jokingly asked MATUMBAMAN if their “latest addition to Team Secret” Heen was helping them out or if he was just “helpless guy.” MATUMBAMAN laughed at the question and replied,

“I mean, you and Heen have a history together QO. Heen is like the customary person you have to have on the team.”

On being asked further if Heen flames MATUMBAMAN, he replied,

“He does flame me. But that is because we share a positive relationship and we flame in a friendly manner.”

He was then asked if Drow Ranger ( a hero they pick often) was a very in meta and a broken hero or if MATUMBAMAN played it because he is the best Drow Ranger player.

“ I am definitely not the best Drow Ranger player. The hero is very simple to play. You just click Multishot and then you right-click. That is my only role. Coming to the broken part, I don’t really know. It changes from week to week which hero is good. The strategy is easy to execute and it’s working for us. So why not.”

Finally, he was asked if one can expect a stream from him if they win ESL One Germany 2020 to which he replied, “ Ah, Never.” 

MATUMBAMAN was surprisingly kicked out of Team Liquid before TI9 after serving the organization for 4 years. He then had a short stint with Chaos Esports Club before he was eventually picked up Puppey and Co. where he replaced MidOne. 

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Since then, MATUMBAMAN has been flexing his carry capability and has enjoyed a considerable amount of success with Team Secret. They are currently on a record winning streak of 8 consecutive tournaments and will look forward to winning ESL One Germany as well. 

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