Valve Posts Update On Dota+, Guilds, MMR Reset & New Heroes


Valve Posts Update On Dota+, Guilds, MMR Reset & New Heroes

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • A new Autumnal Treasure 2020 is available to Dota Plus members featuring 12 heroes. Non Dota Plus members can now earn shards to enjoy some benefits of Dota Plus.
  • Guild Level has been removed to introduce Guild Leaderboards. A Guild's rank in the leaderboard will determine the access to all-new special perks.
  • A new hero is expected to be unveiled by end of November. The MMR reset has become optional so it's a player choice now if he wants to reset his MMR or not.

Valve has finally unveiled the much anticipated and all new updates in regards to Dota Plus, Guilds and the Ranked Season. There has also been some exciting communication from Valve which lists the possible dates for a new hero release and advanced systems to tackle smurfs and player toxicity. After a very rough phase of ill communication between Valve and the Dota 2 community, this update is being welcomed by every Dota 2 fan and is being perceived in a very positive way.

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What Changes Are Valve Implementing?

Valve begins the Fall Season with a banger, introducing a host of exciting alterations to Dota Plus and the Guild System.

Dota Plus

  1. Finally, Dota Plus members have a brand new Autumnal Treasure 2020 which is purchasable with shards. This treasure features 12 community-created sets for Nyx Assassin, Leshrac, Medusa, Vengeful Spirit, Weaver, Clockwerk, Faceless Void, Doom, Sven, Axe, Crystal Maiden, and Tusk. According to Valve, there will be a seasonal treasure like this one every 3 months. So, the next one will be unveiled on December 1 and subsequently every 3 months after that.
  2. Up to 57,850 shards can be earned by Dota Plus members in this Fall Season. In addition, there is also a new Role Assistant hero grid arrangement which can be used to “displays heroes in their most picked roles and is filterable by MMR.”
  3. A number of Battle Pass features have been included in Dota Plus which includes Chat Wheel Sound Effects, Pull Timers when holding ALT, besides others. 
  4. The number of players that one can add to his Avoid list has been ramped up from 16 to 25.

Pro players like Lil have already expressed their appreciation of this move.

Also, in what is a very exciting update, Valve has provided the ability to evennon-Dota Plus members to earn Shards by completing quests and reap some of the benefits of Dota Plus which were previously exclusive to members.

Guild Updates

On receiving a very overwhelming positive feedback about the Guild System, Valve has decided to continue it with minor modifications.

The Guild Level system has been revamped. Now, there will be a weekly leaderboard of Guilds based upon ranks in a given region, according to which a guild will have access to shards and other special perks. The following table describes it.

Image Via Valve

Some settings of Guild have been continued like Guild challenges will still require 3+ guild members while this time they will also earn guild points for leaderboard position.

Ranked Season

Valve has made the MMR reset optional which means it is at a player’s discretion if he wants his MMR to get recalibrated. 

To recalibrate the MMR, a player can go to Settings, and under the Account tab, there is a new MMR Recalibration section.

Image Via Valve

New Hero Release Date and Player Toxicity

Probably the most enthralling update of all, Valve has communicated that they are “aiming for end of November for a new hero release, followed by more that are spread throughout next year with the next one in the first quarter next year.” 

In regards to player behaviour and toxicity and game ruining behaviours, Valve is “working on a new Overwatch style system, similar in some ways to that of CS:GO.” There are other improvements which are currently in the developmental stage and will be rolled out gradually. 

The detection systems in case of boosters and smurfs have been improved in which new accounts will not be matched against the pool of normal and new players. As a result, smurfs will likely play against smurfs only. Similarly like the case of player toxicity, improvisations in the current smurf and booster detection system will be dome gradually.

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All in all, Valve has released a thrilling series of updates which is likely to renew the zeal and enthusiasm that Battle Pass brought in the players. 

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