VP.Prodigy Carry epileptick1d Comments On How They Managed To Take One Game Off Secret

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • epileptick1d mentioned in an interview that Team Secret is the strongest team in the world and is at a different tier.
  • He stated that after Team Secret, there were 4-5 teams which were at the same level and VP.prodigy was one of them.

Egor "epileptick1d" Grigorenko, a Dota 2 prodigy, who currently plays as the carry for VP.Prodigy expressed his views regarding the team’s recent results. In an interview published on Virtus.Pro’s portal, epileptick1d talked about his team’s performance and VP.Prodigy’s position with regard to Team Secret.

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epileptick1d’s Statements On VP.Prodigy’s Performance

In the interview, epileptick1d when asked about VP.Prodigy’s performance at the OGA Dota PIT Season 2 and Season 3 said,

“There was no pressure either then or now. We're just playing the game we love. If we talk about the results, a new patch was released at the last Dota Pit, so we initially understood that the outcome of the tournament would be random because it is unclear who adapts and how.

If we talk about this tournament, we managed to take such a high place, because our squad has very skillful players. In addition, we are all friends and it was very easy for us to find a common language with Dania(gpk).”

epileptick1d was asked about VP.prodigy’s initial map win but subsequent losses against Team Secret at OGA Dota Pit S3 to which he replied,

“Due to the draft, it was very easy for us to play on that map. Team Secret often plays below their capacity in the first few matches of tournaments. Puppey gave us a lot of good heroes, it was much easier for us to play than it was for them. Plus, I think Team Secret underestimated us on the first map.”

Epileptick1d then affirmed that Team Secret is at a level which is higher than all the other teams in the region. He stated,

“Team Secret can be considered as Tier-0 or Tier-S. And after them, there are 4-5 teams, which are all more or less equal.

If you look at the results, then I would classify us in the tier after Team Secret: Team Liquid, Alliance, VP, Nigma, OG. Right now we are waiting for our roster to be completed in order to understand what kind of tier we will be in.”

VP.Prodigy, as a very young team, has shown a lot of promise if we look at their tournament results. They finished as the runner-ups at S2 and S3 of OGA Dota Pit where they managed to destroy strong teams like Nigma, Liquid and Alliance. 

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With such a talented group of players, it will be interesting to watch VP.Prodigy back in action and see if they can replicate their recent heroics.

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