EG veteran Cr1t Reaches the 11K MMR Landmark


EG veteran Cr1t Reaches the 11K MMR Landmark

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Evil Geniuses Support Cr1t has become the 6th player to reach the 11K MMR mark.
  • He is the first support player and also the first European to achieve this feat.
  • Evil Genuises now has 2 players who have reached 11K MMR in the form of Cr1t and Abed.

Just days after former Geek Fam player Karl "Karl'' Jayme crossed the milestone of 11K MMR, another player joined him in this elite list. This time, it is Evil Genuises superstar Andreas “Cr1t” Nielsen who has become the 6th overall and the first support player to achieve this incredible feat. 

Cr1t - First Support Player To Reach 11K MMR        

One of the most famed position 4 players in the Dota 2 competitive scene, Cr1t has defied the odds to become the first support player to reach 11K MMR. 

He expressed his happiness for this achievement in a Twitter post. 

The list of 11K MMR features 5 young carry players who are epileptick1d, gpk, 23savage, Abed and Karl. Cr1t is perhaps the first experienced entrant into this list. 

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Cr1t is also the first player from Europe to have achieved 11K MMR the previous ones were either from CIS or SEA. While Cr1t is known for his excellent mechanical and decision-making skills as a support player, his final road to 11K MMR has been full of other roles as well. In the last month, he has played the core role 126 out of 242 times. His most played hero has been Pangolier which he has played 58 times, mostly in the middle lane. This exhibits the versatility and game sense that Cr1t has and why he is regarded as one of the best in the scene.

The roster of Evil Geniuses now has two 11K MMR players in the form of Abed and Cr1t. One of the most loved players in Dota 2,  Artour "Arteezy" Babaev will look to join his teammates in this nobel list as he stands at the number 2 position in the American Leaderboards chart. 

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Alliance’s mid lane player, Linus “Limmp” Blomdin, has also been at the Rank 1-2 spot in Europe for quite some time now and is likely to be very close to the 11K MMR mark. With Valve announcing the reset of MMR in the coming week, Limmp may not have enough time to reach the zenith of 11K MMR.

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