Vici Gaming Win OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China

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  • In a gruelling contest, Vici Gaming defeat PSG.LGD 3-2 in the grand finals to win OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online: China
  • Despite being considered as the favorites, PSG.LGD could not close out the series as Vici Gaming looked a far better team on the day.
  • Carry player Erica for Vici Gaming died only 7 times in the 5 matches of the grand finals.

In a highly intense and closely contested 5 match series, Vici Gaming has beaten PSG.LGD 3-2 to win the third iteration of OGA Dota PIT: China. The series was expected to be a cakewalk for PSG.LGD considering their recent dominating performances but Vici Gaming pulled out some spectacular strategies and gameplay to overwhelm PSG.LGD. This is Vici Gaming’s second win at the OGA Dota Pit league, the first also coming against PSG.LGD at S1. 

A Classic Chinese Showdown- PSG.LGD Versus Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming faced off against arch-rivals PSG.LGD for the third time in the tournament. PSG.LGD had emerged as the stronger side during the last two times and all-in-all, looked the favourites to win the Grand Finals as well. However, Vici Gaming managed to pull off a surprise 3-2 victory claiming the championship. 

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Game 1 was a rollercoaster ride which lasted for 58 minutes keeping every viewer on his heels throughout the match. Even when it looked like a team had established a strong footing on the game, some miraculous plays and some misplays turned the tide into the other team’s advantage. PSG.LGD was barely able to close out the game as they diverted attention to Ame’s Anti-Mage with an aegis while the Tiny and Io relocated to the Ancient to finish it off. They had secured mega creeps earlier but had not been able to close out the game because of Vici Gaming’s immaculate defence. 

In Game 2, PSG.LGD picked up Techies for XinQ, a hero that was getting first phase banned by every team since they picked it up for the first time at the China Dota 2 Pro Cup S1. They had a 100% win record with the hero. But Vici Gaming’s draft was far superior to that of PSG.LGD as they relentless picked off heroes with their mobile core combo of Faceless Void, Queen Of Pain and Timbersaw plus an Io and Earth Spirit. There were some really cool Skewer into Bomb plays by PSG.LGD but Vici Gaming’s draft and execution were better and they forced the GG call from PSG.LGD at 31 minutes with a dominant kill score of 41-12. 

In Game 3, PSG.LGD switched to the Drow strat while Vici Gaming believed in the core Faceless Void for Erica as they picked it for the 3rd time in a row. Vici Gaming looked to be cruising to victory at one stage but a lost fight near PSG.LGD’s top barracks marked the comeback for them. Vici Gaming made some questionable moves after that as they fed themselves one by one to PSG.LGD’s heroes. Erica’s willingness to pick the Manta Style ahead of the BKB might have cost them the game because, by the time he got BKB, the match was already in the firm grasps of PSG.LGD. Eventually, PSG.LGD finished the game in 37 minutes.

Vici Gaming managed to squeeze out a cheese hero in the form of Phantom Assassin as their last pick in Game 4. After the laning phase, teams were equally poised with teams preferring to farm on their cores. PSG.LGD picked up the pace gradually as they felt an urgency to counter the Battle Fury pick by Phantom Assassin. Vici Gaming counter reacted beautifully as they always managed to kill some heroes. Erica eventually grew into a monster with all the creeps she had slyly managed to kill with Blur. With the BKB and Aghs up, she leapt from one hero to another absolutely crushing them with the crits. PSG.LGD managed to kill other heroes of the Vici Gaming squad but Phantom Assassin proved out to be much for them as Vici Gaming finished the game in 38 minutes.

Of what was being predicted by many as an easy clean sweep by PSG.LGD found itself levelled up at 2-2.

Of what had done wonders for Vici Gaming in the last game, they last picked Phantom Assassin for Erica once again. PSG.LGD, on the other hand, believed in a Magnus-Troll Warlord combo to lead them to their second consecutive tournament victory. Like the last game, Erica managed to pick up the Battle Fury at a strong timing, also, in order to keep pace with the empowered Troll Warlord. As soon as Erica picked up the BKB and the Aghs, it looked like a deja vu from the last game as she tore apart the heroes of PSG.LGD. PSG.LGD had no answers to Vici Gaming’s strategy as they tapped out the game in 36 minutes. With this Vici Gaming took the grand finals 2-0.

Vici Gaming, undoubtedly, looked the better team on the day. If it was not for some misplays by them, they could have ended the grand finals much earlier. They have proven that they can stop the indomitable force of PSG.LGD and make them bow down to Vici Gaming’s flawless gameplay.

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Carry player for Vici Gaming Yang "Erica" Shaohan was, unarguably, the MVP of the grand finals. As a matter of fact, Erica died only 7 times in the 5 games of the grand finals which is an impressive feat to achieve. 

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