inYourdreaM And Poloson Leave T1 As Per Official Valve Registration Page

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  • Captain Poloson and midlaner inYourdreaM leave T1 according to Dota 2 Minors/Majors Registration page.
  • With this, T1 is left down to two players- Sam_H and Jhocam.
  • A number of SEA players are without a team at the moment which includes veterans like Kuku, Jabz, March and iceiceice.

Captain Wilson "Poloson" Koh Chin Wei and midlaner Muhammad "inYourdreaM" Rizky have been removed from the T1 roster as per Dota 2 “Majors and Minors Registration” page. With this, the active roster is now left to just two players, Samson Solomon “Sam_H” Enojosa Hidalgo and Tri “Jhocam” Kuncoro.

inYourdreaM And Poloson Leave T1 As Per Official Valve Registration Page
Image Via Valve

T1’s Roster changes

Before this roster change, coach Nicholas "xFreedom" Kelvin Ileto Lim and carry Galvin "Meracle" Kang Jian Wen had parted ways with T1 on September 16. The team last played at ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia in early September where they finished at the 5-6th place. Since then, T1 has not participated in any Southeast Asian tournaments. This absence is likely a consequence of the disruption to the professional scene caused by the ongoing pandemic.

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Now, with the release of inYourdreaM and Poloson from the squad and the team not playing, there is a high chance that T1 might be dropping its roster. T1 has been trying a lot of players since its officially announced its full roster in March 2020. Being a relatively new team, T1 has had some decent performances but have not been able to convert them into any major tournament wins. 

inYourdreaM And Poloson Leave T1 As Per Official Valve Registration Page
Image Via LiquipediaThere has not been any official announcement from T1 regarding the removal of inYourdreaM and Poloson from the team. With just two players left, we can expect an update from the organization in the coming time. 

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Also, if the roster disbands, it will be interesting to see which team these players join. There are already some renowned players looking for a team in the SEA region like Kuku, Jabz, eyyou, iceiceice, March among others. Once there is some stability in the Dota 2 professional scene and DPC resumes, we can witness some strong teams coming up, consisting of star-studded players. 

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