CIS Coach Asks Valve: "Where are the leagues? Why can't you support Tier 1 tournaments in different regions?"


CIS Coach Asks Valve: "Where are the leagues? Why can't you support Tier 1 tournaments in different regions?"

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Winstrike's coach Ahilles has urged the Dota 2 community to get together and put a consolidated effort to prevent Dota 2 from dying.
  • In his statement, he mentioned about the urgency with which Valve needed to make efforts for a better competitive scene.
  • A lot of professional players and talent have voiced their opinions regarding the dismal professional scene and the subsequent ignorance of Valve.

Amidst the global hue and cry regarding the dismal situation of the Dota 2 competitive scene, we have come across a statement from the coach of Winstrike, Timur "Ahilles" Kulmuhambetov which is asking the Dota 2 community to come together and pressure Valve to take some crucial steps to prevent the game’s demise.

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Ahilles’ Statement On Valve’s Continued Silence

Ahiless started coaching Winstrike in July 2020 after coaching Team Empire and Khan for short periods. Although he started his professional career in 2016 as a support player, his biggest successes have come in the coaching role.

In a post on Russian social media website VK, he has put forward his opinion. He says,

“I consider it my duty to speak out about what is happening in Dota. I believe in the power of the community. Remember how we demanded Diretide and sent PGG to the beauty pageant. You need to speak more often and louder. Otherwise, Valve will not react.

I've heard sad stories about the really cool Heroes of Newerth game dying. I managed to play 3-5 thousand hours in it. The situation with HOTS has not been forgotten either. When the scene was simply closed by the command of the developer. Will Dota 2 have the same fate? Quite possible. Not this year or next, but very soon. The trend is extremely negative."

He also added that he would ask Gabe Newell to help support the Tier 2-3 scenes if he ever came across him.

“Old man, please provide financial means to maintain the Tier 2-3 scenes. Where are the leagues? Why can't you support Tier 1 tournaments in different regions? Or is there no trust in tournament organizers here? You can then raise the prize fund of tournaments and give part of the money to the organizers themselves. Then these wars with streamers would not have happened.

It is necessary to start this dialogue immediately, comrades! Let's talk about it as loudly and often as possible. Let's not let our favorite game die. Let the most influential persons of the Dota community in the CIS and Europe start talking about this and questioning Valve. "

This statement by Ahilles has covered every aspect which various players and talent have been questioning for a long time now - ‘the dearth of tournaments in the Tier 2-3 scene globally, lack of support of Tier 1 tournaments in specific regions, no collaboration between third parties and Valve, the issue regarding streaming rights and an impending situation where the game might die.’ 

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Certainly, a consolidated effort by the fans of Dota 2 is needed to revive the game. The prize pool of the TI10 Battle pass at the time of writing stands at $39,779,003 and all of this money has been spent wholeheartedly by the dedicated community of Dota 2. Valve really needs to step up to payback its community with adequate measure, lest a downfall of the game is on the cards in the years to come. 

Rakshak is an undergrad, an inquisitive person who likes to acquire information and knowledge of varied sectors in esports. However, his current focus is specifically on Dota 2.