Sylar Urges Dota 2 Fans To Stop Hating 4AM Players


Sylar Urges Dota 2 Fans To Stop Hating 4AM Players

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Sylar finally spoke about the drama that has been revolving around the 4AM roster changes.
  • He said he did not personally blame anyone for all the issue and asked the Dota 2 fans to stop hating on the 4AM players.
  • He thanked Maybe for his statement on the matter and also asked the fraternity to spare Chen Yanchuan,the contact person from Elephant organization.

After a number of people involved in the Sylar-Eurus mess brought forward their perspective and side of the story, the main man finally broke his silence in a bid to subside the muddle. In a post made on the Chinese website Weibo, Liu “Sylar” Jiajun has asked the fans to stop condemning the parties involved in the conflict.

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Sylar’s Statement On the Blame-Game

According to the general public opinion, Sylar was unfairly kicked from the 4AM roster. So people made some harsh remarks on 4AM including its players, Maybe, Yang, fy and RedPanda.

Vici Gaming’s co-owner, Chen Qing and Maybe had earlier spoken about their versions of the events that took place. Both of them brought forward the fact that there was a contractual disagreement between 4AM and Vici Gaming. Chen Qing had also stated that Elephant, the collaborator of 4AM, was the only one to be blamed for all this ruckus. 

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Now, Sylar voiced his opinion and asked the community to stop the hatred against the current players of 4AM when he himself has not put-down any of them. He also urges to stop bashing Chen Yanchuan, a popular Dota 2 streamer in China and also the contact person from the Elephant organization.

Sylar states,

“Stop denigrating Chuan ( Chen Yanchuan). He got the information from a person whom he trusted. The people who have told the story have their own stand and viewpoint. It is not possible to clarify if it is true or not. I did not talk about this affair to anybody before eating yesterday because it does not make any sense to me. To be honest, I have not put the blame on anybody since all of this began. As a player, I am reflecting on my decision more and how I could have been careful. He only wanted to get clarification for my removal and even arranged compensation for me. Moreover, I told him that I did not require it. Also, my 3 teammates have no role to play in all this matter. I know the reasons for my initial inclusion on October 1 and my current state. I expect you to stop hating my 3 former teammates. I am really grateful to Maybe for what he said after the mess and to everybody who bothered for me. “

Translation via VPEsports

It really is unfortunate to see Sylar being put in this difficult position due to the actions of 4AM. Hopefully, this post cools down the community which leads to this drama finally come to a conclusion. In other news, Eurus has almost been confirmed as the final carry by various sources, the final roster of Elephant.4AM is likely to be revealed anytime soon.

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