Team Secret Trashtalks OG After N0tail's Comments On “Rivalry”


Team Secret Trashtalks OG After N0tail's Comments On “Rivalry”

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • N0tail mockingly spoke about Team Secret's choking performance at TI and OG's current bad performance against them in an interview with SirActionSlacks.
  • He also mentioned the fact that he missed playing offline leagues and also OG dwell best in a LAN environment.
  • Team Secret and OG are playing in the ongoing ESL One Germany and any head-to-head match is certain to bring some more twitter banter.

Twitter handles of OG and Team Secret have been quite amusing for the past few months as they constantly try to poke at each other. Mostly, Team Secret has had the chance to pull OG’s leg considering the former’s streak of dominating performances. N0tail was recently involved in a Twitter jest following his comments in an interview with SirActionSlacks. 

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Team Secret Vs OG- The Twitter Battle

On October 6, before OG’s debut match at ESL One Germany 2020, an interview clip between N0tail and SirActionSlacks was played which involved N0tail talk about the twitter banter between Team Secret and OG. SirActionSlacks labelled this battle as an “El Clásico” asked N0tail about he viewed the “Rivalry” that has been building between the teams.

N0tail replied,

“There has been a lot of hype when Team Secret and OG play in a tournament. After TI8, Team Secret showed some dominating performances and everybody went berserk at their top form.”

He then took a nudge at Team Secret by stating, “ The rivalry between OG and Team Secret would have already taken place if Team Secret did not choke so much at TI.” He then mockingly also said, “ Now, we are trying not to play so badly between TI’s.

The twitter banter is always good. I hope EG was not caught up so much. We could post a lot of memes against them. But they are way too serious in these matters. In Secret’s case, we could have a lot of fun and spice things up if we manage to take games off them in the next BO5.”

This interview’s clip which was posted on twitter by ESL received a taunting reply from Secret which stated, “Can you REALLY call it a clasico when one of these teams lost 8 times in a row to the other Flushed face.” N0tail gave a rather savage reply to Team Secret saying, “Winning when it matters most.”

N0tail’s Views About Playing On LAN

In the interview with SirActionSlacks, N0tail was also asked about how online leagues impacted OG considering they are mostly known as a “LAN” team.

N0tail said: 

“Talking about my whole career and also of Sébastien "Ceb" Debs, we have mostly specialised as LAN players and performed well in LAN environments. The whole concept of offline leagues which involves bootcamping, facing a lot of pressure from the crowd and the game, hotel experience and interviews brought out the best in us. We had been working to become the best Dota 2 team but currently, we can not use the experience, skills that we acquired over the years. Yes, we can prepare well mentally and use other things learnt over a long time but I surely miss the LAN setting because of the experience and fun it brought with the group bonding.”

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The social media battle between OG and Team Secret is certainly attracting a lot of publicity as one tries to outwit the other. While Team Secret talks about their current dominant spree of performances, OG aims to counter by bringing their champion TI results forward. 

Currently, Team Secret’s social media team has genuinely turned OG into a laughing stock. It will be a treat to watch these two teams play again at ESL One Germany 2020 and what more exciting their twitter handles can come up with.

Moreover, it is an era of online leagues and it will be compelling to see if OG can showcase their TI-level class when offline events return.

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