Vici Gaming's Co-owner Speaks Up About The Sylar-Eurus Mess


Vici Gaming's Co-owner Speaks Up About The Sylar-Eurus Mess

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Vici Gaming's co-owner, Chen Qing, has explained the reasons which lead to the Eurus-Sylar mess.
  • In a streaming session, he states that Elephant, the partner of 4AM, was the reason behind all this issue as they exploited the players.
  • Eurus and Yang had a strong desire to play with Maybe and fy and Elephant exploited this so as to get Eurus into 4AM without fully playing the transfer fee.

Co-owner of Vici Gaming,Chen Qing, broke his silence in a stream on October 6 where he explained the reason behind the initial exclusion of Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun from the 4AM roster. This statement comes after Lu "Somnus丶M" Yao had earlier listed out the problems that prevented Eurus from joining the organization.

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Vici Gaming’s Stakeholder Chen Qing’s Statements On The Eurus Transfer 

Having played for nearly three years for Vici Gaming and enjoying a considerable amount of success, Eurus had certainly become an integral member of the organization. Chen Qing stated in his stream that he had been silent about all the ruckus because he did not want the matter to get worse for Eurus. But now, he really felt the need to speak as the things had gone haywire.

According to Chen, the main problem of all this issue was not Eurus, Sylar or 4AM but the partner organization of 4AM, Little Elephant.“ Little Elephant kept retracting from the contract which clearly stated that the 1.5 Million RMB transfer fee for Eurus and everybody knew about this for a long time,” he stated.

He then explained how all of this began. Zhou "Yang" Haiyang who had spent his entire career with the Vici Gaming organization conveyed his desire of playing with Maybe to Chen Qing. 

According to him, “During the start of this season, Yang said he wanted to play with Maybe in the 4AM organization. I felt then it was an alright decision. Yang then asked me about the tenure of the contract he should sign with them and I said two years.

Eurus, on the other hand, had extended his contract with Vici Gaming at the start of the previous season. He received a salary hike, but there were some clauses in the contract which had to be adhered to. Eurus had to stay with Vici Gaming in the previous season and in case he wished to move to another organization, the transfer fee would be 1,500,000 RMB ($220k USD). The contract had been legally drafted and every organization knew about this.

In August this year, Eurus also wanted to play with Maybe and fy. Many teams like PSG.LGD, Team Aster wanted to grab Eurus at the time. But Eurus was determined to play with Maybe and had presented the contract to 4AM even though they weren’t the highest bidder.”

Chen further explained that Eurus’s deep desire to play with Maybe and team cost him such a huge problem as Little Elephant just exploited his sincerity. “Eurus would, in fact, refuse to join the team if he had known that such problems awaited him,” he said.

He mentioned, “Little Elephant was playing with the players for a long time. Even at the end, the whole of 1.5 Million RMB was not offered by them and which exploited the players one more time. Then Sylar was announced as the carry without even signing a contract with the team. When it became official, I even messaged Sylar and asked him to proceed legally. I had no idea that he’d be kicked out the next day.

The people involved at the managerial levels of Elephant were the only ones to be blamed. Eurus got dragged only because he wanted to play with the rest. I had also told Yang that they could potentially win a TI.”

“The transfer fee was ultimately paid by Elephant but by that time, Eurus had already been worn out and was willing to pay the entire transfer fee all by himself, just to end the problem,” Chen Qing further said.

At the end of his stream, he said, “Though Elephant paid the entire fee, someone from the team had a salary cut. Elephant just took advantage of the players’ wish to play with each other. They were the only ones that created all this nuisance and 4AM had nothing to do with it.” He concluded by asking the people to understand that Elephant was behind all this commotion and any other players/organization had no part to play.

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Vici Gaming’s co-owner has certainly added and cleared out a lot of things after Maybe had earlier explained about the matter. The 4AM final roster reveal is yet to happen though it is being ascertained that Eurus is now the final member of the squad. The five members of the squad will likely be satisfied now, considering they got Eurus but the road to all this has been very rough. As for Sylar, everything went wrong with him and as Maybe stated, he might be receiving monetary compensation for all the unscrupulous things done to him.

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