Players And Talent Question Valve's Continued Silence


Players And Talent Question Valve's Continued Silence

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Players and talent have expressed their dissatisfaction over Valve's inability to support the competitive scene.
  • MoonMeander, Capitalist, Khezu and Nahaz have voiced their opinions against Valve after CRAZY released all of its esports roster owing to the bleak season of online gaming.
  • With third parties organising online tourneys and Valve received a lot of money from the Battle Pass, it is time for Valve to payback to the Dota 2 fraternity.

After one of the only sponsored organizations in North America, CR4ZY released all of its esports rosters on October 5. Notable people in the Dota 2 pro scene have aired their concerns regarding Valve’s inability to sustain the competitive scene. They have also condemned the subsequent silence by Valve since a solitary statement by them in early September. 

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Dota 2 Needs a Healing Salve From Valve! 

With more and more teams disbanding or getting released from sponsored organizations, players and talent are getting more disappointed and uncertain about their future.

Dota 2 as a game is “dying” according to ex-CR4ZY support player David "MoonMeander" Tan. After CR4ZY officially announced their exit from the professional scene, MoonMeander thanked the organization for their dedication and pointed out at the disruption of DPC due to Covid-19. In a reply to his previous tweet, he lamented the impotence of Valve to organize any Dota 2 tournament for the rest of 2020 in the North American scene despite receiving a humongous sum of  $120,000,000 from the Battle Pass. He also points out at the vague future of DPC 2020-21 as Valve had just mentioned in its statement in September that it will likely resume in Jan-Feb 2021. 

He further asked people to speak up about this matter and mentions the possibility of the professional scene of Dota 2 dying like the Heroes of Newerth.

Renowned caster Austin "Capitalist" Walsh replied to MoonMeander’s statements by saying that the break caused due to the pandemic was an opportunity to introduce an innovative Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) but nothing has happened since then. 

Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann also expressed his dissatisfaction with Valve over no help to the Dota 2 scene, especially in North America where only one sponsored team exists now ie. Evil Geniuses. Lack of money and sponsors, no LAN events and minimal online tournaments were his concerns.  He also thanked BeyondTheSummit for hosting online leagues during the past months.

Host Alan "Nahaz" Bester asserted that the reason for such a dismal looking competitive scene was not only because of the pandemic. He insisted that Valve needed to step up in order to support more Dota 2 organizations.

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Havan Liberty’s coach Astini again pointed out the lack of support from Valve in the NA/SA scene. He had earlier called out Valve for not organizing tournaments in the Americas region after Havan Liberty’s exit from BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas.

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A number of people involved in the competitive scene have now voiced their opinions against Valve for their explicit ignorance for the upliftment and survival of Dota 2. They have also put forward their belief that people who raise their voices against Valve have been snubbed and it is high time that everybody gets together for the betterment of the game and its scene. 

Considering the fact that third party tournament organizers like BeyondTheSummit, ESL, and WePlay! can organize online leagues while Riot Games can hold the League of Legends World Championship in an LAN setting, Valve’s reluctance to restart the DPC season certainly does reflect poorly. 

Valve has made close to $120 Million USD with their TI10 Battle Pass. Unfortunately, they’ve not supported the professional esports scene in a meaningful way since they shut down the DPC way back in March.

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It is high time when Valve needs to pull its socks up and actually contribute to the professional scene of Dota 2 so that there is certainty regarding player income, a well-rounded scene for the talent and some high intense and competitive Dota 2 action for the fans. 

Rakshak is an undergrad, an inquisitive person who likes to acquire information and knowledge of varied sectors in esports. However, his current focus is specifically on Dota 2.