Maybe Explains Why Sylar Was Kicked From 4AM

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  • Liu "Sylar" Jiajun has been kicked out of the 4AM squad in less than 24 hours after he was added to the squad.
  • Sylar was added into the squad in place of rumoured Eurus, which not only surprised the Dota 2 fraternity but allegedly, also the other members of the squad.
  • Maybe explained Sylar's kick from the team on his stream

Elephant.Four Angry Men (4AM) unveiled their much-anticipated roster on October 1 with a lot of surprise. The 5- man of 4AM was rumoured to be Maybe, Yang, fy and RedPanda and Eurus but out of the blue, in their official reveal on Weibo, Sylar was the fifth and final member of the squad instead of Eurus. This announcement sparked a lot of debate and controversy on social media. 

But, one day after this surprise announcement, it is being asserted that Liu "Sylar" Jiajun has been removed from the team owing to a rift between players and the organization.

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Sylar-The Angriest out of 4 Angry Men (4AM)?

Sylar got kicked in less than 24 hours after his addition to the team on October 1. It is being claimed by people in the Chinese professional scene that the players had no idea regarding the inclusion of Sylar as the carry player. They were certain of Eurus as the final addition to the squad but this replacement bamboozled them. So, this dissent must have been conveyed to the organization and so, 4AM deleted the roster announcement post on Weibo. For the last two days, there has been no communication from the players or the organization about this issue. 

Sylar texted veteran Xie "DD" Bin while he was on the panel of China Dota 2 Pro Cup S1 explaining about his abrupt removal from the team. DD read his message live on the stream and raised questions about 4AM’s unprofessional approach of screwing players up.

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It is being ascertained that the inclusion of Eurus was bound to happen but there were some contractual monetary problems between 4AM and Vici Gaming which debarred Eurus from joining the organization. Sylar was then added to the final roster by the organization without informing the teammates about the same. 

Social Media Manager of Vici Gaming, Staka, has revealed in an Instagram post that Eurus will finally be joining the team in place of Sylar. 

It is being alleged that 4AM was not ready to pay the rumored amount of 1.8 million RMB ($260K USD) to take in Eurus from Vici Gaming so the deal fell off at the last minute. Now, with the contribution of players, Eurus is the carry player of the 4AM squad and this will be announced officially soon.

Maybe Explains The Sylar Kick and Eurus' Situation With 4AM

According to a user familiar with the Chinese scene, Maybe posted on social media that the players from 4AM didn't lower their salaries to remove Sylar. Later, on stream, Maybe explained the problem that 4AM had with signing Eurus. 

  • According to the player, there was a 1.5 Million RMB ($220k USD) fee that needed to be paid by 4AM to ViCi Gaming to sign Eurus. 
  • However, the organization felt that it was illegal and wanted to fight it in court. But Eurus didn't want to get into a legal battle with ViCi Gaming and asked 4AM to pay the fee.
  • So 4AM promised to take care of it and failed to negotiate with ViCi Gaming for over two months. So Eurus told Maybe that he couldn't join the team.
  • 4AM then had a verbal agreement with Sylar based on player recommendations and made the announcement on social media. 
  • However on the second day, 4AM had a meeting where it was decided to sign Eurus instead. 
  • Maybe also acknowledged that it was very unprofessional and unfair from 4AM which messes up Sylar's immediate future.

Rumoured coach of the team, Bai "rOtK" Fan has gone on a break and is expected to join the team after the resumption of DPC or during the spring festival.

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