Nigma Knocked Out Of OGA Dota Pit Season 3

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Team Nigma has been knocked out of the OGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe/CIS
  • Team Nigma lost to Natus Vincere and then to VP.Prodigy in the lower bracket.
  • KuroKy's hopeful comeback into the team at ESL One Germany 2020 is likely to bring the team back in form.

Team Nigma has been knocked out of the OGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe/CIS after they got dismantled by VP.Prodigy in the Lower Bracket R1, losing the series 2-0. Nigma is now the first team to get eliminated from the tournament which comes as an overwhelming surprise to everybody.

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Nigma’s ordinary performances? 

Team Nigma was thrown into the lower bracket by Natus Vincere after it lost 2-0 to the latter. This was yet another shocking loss to the Nigma fans as they have been quite dominant over the Na`Vi squad over the past few months. This Na`Vi team is the former FlyToMoon squad which has been signed on a trial basis for OGA Dota PIT Season 3 and ESL One Germany.

Team Nigma, known for their lower bracket runs, played their series against VP.Prodigy in the lower bracket R1. However, VP.Prodigy was impeccable in their gameplay and strategy and provided no space for Nigma to establish any lead over them. In game 2, the only time Nigma looked settled, VP.Prodigy played really well around epileptick1d’s Anti-Mage, gradually winning the match and the series. 

While both Natus Vincere and VP.Prodigy were spectacular in their drafts and teamfights, Team Nigma has certainly lacked the right decision making and calling in-game. They have followed their playstyle of 4-protect-one, centred around Miracle- picking up his signature heroes like Arc Warden, Phantom Assassin but all has been in vain. It looks like they are now really missing captain KuroKy who has been sidelined with an arm injury for nearly 3 months. 

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Team Nigma will look to assess their gameplay and come back stronger  as they play next in the ESL One Germany 2020, hopefully with captain KuroKy.

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