Alleged Saudi Prince Crosses The 90k Level Mark In Battle Pass 2020

Alleged Saudi Prince Crosses The 90k Level Mark In Battle Pass 2020

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Alleged Saudi Prince has reached a level of 93,995 in the Battle Pass 2020
  • He has been topping the Battle Pass leaderboards chart for 3 years, attaining an all time high of level 175,457 in 2017
  • He has played more than 10,000 matches according to Steam.

Purrrrfect Yuki’ who is alleged to be a Saudi Arabian prince by many media outlets and claims to be one, on his steam profile has fascinated Dota 2 fans with the levels he reaches in the Battle Pass every year. He is known for spending enormous amounts of money on the Battle Pass and this year has not been any different with him reaching a milestone of 90k levels in the TI10 Battle Pass.

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Alleged Prince ‘Purrrrfect Yuki’’s investments in Battle Pass over the years

The alleged prince is considered to be one of the passionate Dota 2 fans around the world and with the riches and luxuries he claims to possess, the annual Battle Pass receives a lot of its contribution from him only. Talking about this year’s battle pass, he has achieved a level of 93,995 and surpasses the runner up by a huge margin of almost 23k levels. To arrive at this level, the prince has spent a whopping amount of $39,131 and as 25% of the Battle Pass contributions go towards the The International, approximately $9,783 has been put up solely by him. This is all just magnificent to know about and with the Battle Pass extended till October 9, it is certain that we are witnessing a 100k level milestone. 

Let’s have a look at the top 10 contributors of the 2020 Battle Pass.

Image via Stratz

Not only has he topped this year’s Battle Pass leaderboard, but he has also stayed at the pinnacle for the last 3 years. He attained an all time level high of 175,457 in the 2017 Battle Pass. Since then, he has kept the Dota 2 fraternity abuzz with his humongous investments, reaching level 101,127 in 2018 and 51,354 in 2019. 

Moreover, his game activity has also been “intense” according to showing that he plays the game actively and is a die hard fan of the game.

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The player has been playing Dota 2 since 2011 and has over 10,000 matches on record spending over 20,000 hours inside the game, according to steam.

While the player’s claims of being a Saudi Arabian prince can be questioned, one thing that is certain is that he has a lot of money to burn on Dota 2.

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