Valve Extends Battle Pass and Releases Immortal Treasure 3

Valve Extends Battle Pass and Releases Immortal Treasure 3

Vignesh Raghuram
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It has happened. After months of waiting, and multiple shitposts on Reddit, Valve finally released the Immortal Treasure 3 for TI10’s Battle Pass. In addition, Valve has also revealed the dates in which it will announce the Arcana Vote results and extended the Battle Pass by about 3 weeks (until 9th October 2020). 

Immortal Treasure 3 Details

The Immortal Treasure 3 features immortal cosmetics for Lich, Pugna, Oracle, Treant Protector, Clockwerk, Gyrocopter. In addition, the bonus items that come alongside are the Rare item which adds 50 extra levels to your battle pass, a Golden Immortal item from Pugna, and an Ultra Rare item from Phoenix.

  • Lich - Perversions of the Bloodwhorl: modifies "Sinister Gaze" by adding a chain and wave effect to the spell. It occupies the head slot in the loadout menu.

  • Oracle - Sagas of the Cymurrin Sage: modifies "Purifying Flames" adding an outer space effect under the selected unit.

  • Clockwerk - Rabid Watchcog: Modifies "Hookshot" with a reddish chain effect and the head of the weapon. This occupies the weapon space in the loadout.

  • Pugna - Eye of Ix'yxa: Modifies "Life Drain" with a purple effect at the beginning and green at the end.

  • Treant Protector - Stuntwood Symbiont: Modifies "Overgrowth" with a new root effect. Depending on the unit, the visuals of the root change, if it affects the heroes they are carnivorous plants and if they are creeps they are green vines. This might be the most underrated Immortal in the Immortal Treasure 3.

  • Gyrocopter - B.U.S.T.E.R.: modifies "Homing Missile" with a terrestrial robot. It occupies the missile slot in the loadout.

  • Rare Item - 50 levels of TI10 Battle Pass. The 50 levels you receive via the Immortal Treasure 3 might just be the last nudge you need, to unlock the Windranger Arcana.

  • Very Rare item - Pugna - Golden Eye of Ix'yxa: Modifies "Life Drain" with a golden effect at the beginning and end.

  • Ultra rare item - Phoenix - Solar Gyre: Modifies "Icarus Dive" and "Fire Spirits". The Ultra Rare for Phoenix in the Immortal Treasure 3 matches its immortal mask that came out earlier in the Battle Pass.

The Immortal Treasure 3 also has an extremely rare chance of dropping a cosmically rare “Divine Emblem”.

The TI10 Battle Pass was set to expire on Saturday (19th September 2020). However, Valve has just extended it by three more weeks, so now it will end on 9th October 2020. 

In addition, for the first time Valve added a new level offer towards the end of the season. During this final three weeks of the Battle Pass, players can buy up to two Battle Pass Levels Bundles (60 levels per each bundle) to your account with each saving 30%.

The TI10 Dota 2 Battle Pass, was released on 25th May and has been touted as one of the best ones yet. It consists of numerous features and cosmetic items including Arcanas, Hero Personas, Immortal Treasures, etc. 

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