Fng Condemns Valve Over Dota TV Streaming Rights Changes.

Rakshak Kathuria
Published On: 14 Sep 2020, 05:35 PM
  • Fng calls out Valve on streaming rights issue.
  • The CIS player believes there is lack of clarity in Valve's new statement regarding broadcasting rights for third party tournaments.

Earlier this week, Alliance officially signed CIS player Artem "fng" Barshack to complete its Dota 2 roster. Previously, the player was playing with the Alliance organisation for around 4 months as a loanee from Gambit Esports. Recently, in a podcast named “Still Beta,” fng openly criticized Valve's recent statement on the broadcast of third party tournaments by community streamers like SingSing or Gorgc. The CIS player is unhappy with the lack of clarity in Valve's statement.

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Fng’s statement on the issue

Fng called out Valve criticizing the way they have designed the rules for third party tournament organizers.

“Imagine that you live in a country called Valve and you buy or rent land there. And you decided to build your house on this land. Everything is cool, you live there, you have arranged it. And then such Valve come and say: “Listen, but the state is ours, and the land, in principle, is ours, and the house is also ours. This is how we thought and decided that anyone can live in your house ”.

Fng states that exclusive rights for tournament broadcasts exist to protect tournament organizers from such situations and that the absence of these rights sets a “dumb precedent.”

Fng Condemns Valve Over Dota TV Streaming Rights Changes.

Fng also criticized Valve for the lack of clarity in their ruling. 

“For example, steamer A wrote a broadcast request to tournament operator B. The tournament operator did not notice this and did not answer. And what is the streamer’s plan of action then? Does he have the right to stream then?
Valve is not particularly social. You are very unlikely to get an answer to these types of questions.”

The new changes, effective from 15th September 2020, requires streamers to adhere to some “non-monetary” requirements. These include adding tournament sponsor’s banners on their screen or having a slight delay on the games. According to Valve, this will fulfill the interests of both parties and add “net positive value to fans and the competitive scene.” 

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Fng’s statement certainly points out some genuine loopholes and room for miscommunication to happen between streamers and tournament organizers. With the much-anticipated OGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe/CIS returning on 20th September 2020, it will be intriguing to see how this issue pans out.

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