Kyle Calls Out Popular Twitch Streamer SingSing

Vignesh Raghuram
Published On: 02 Sep 2020, 02:19 PM
  • Kyle calls out SingSing for restreaming Omega League games
  • SingSing, offended by Kyle’s personal attack on his stream and responded to it by saying that he has done more for Dota 2 content in the past than what Kyle ever would.

Dota 2 analyst Kyle “Kyle” Freedman has always been somewhat of a controversial personality with his history of hot takes and not being afraid to make argumentative points. Earlier today, he publicly called out popular twitch streamer WehSing "SingSing" Yuen for restreaming tournament broadcasts.

Kyle Calls Out SingSing

Singsing posted a Tweet on his social media accounts stating that he was going to be streaming on his Twitch channel with the caption “free content kinda day,” indicating that he was going to be spectating the WePlay! Omega League matches on his Twitch channel.

Kyle Calls Out Popular Twitch Streamer SingSing
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Kyle called out SingSing for this tweet stating:

“Cheers Sing! A shame being a variety streamer hasn't worked out so well but no worries you don't have to be entertaining, creative, or interesting; just come re-stream dota tournaments for free anytime!!

Such a big help to the pro scene!”

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SingSing’s Response

SingSing was offended by Kyle’s attack on his stream and responded to it by saying that he has done more for Dota 2 content in the past than what Kyle ever would.

SingSing reiterated his statement by saying that he was a successful variety streamer, “Attacking my career in variety gaming when variety gaming has given me more subs than any point in Dota 2.” and also called out Kyle’s professionalism as an official talent for the Omega League.

Kyle’s Previous Comments on Bulldog and Gorgc

Earlier on May 12, Kyle made some comments on the WePlay! Pushka League stream, stating that tournament organizers were losing 30-40% of their revenue because they didn’t have exclusive rights for broadcasting tournaments. 

AdmiralBulldog, Gorgc, and a number of streamers disagreed with this statement and made posts/clips about it. Following this, Kyle responded with a detailed post explaining his points and why content exclusivity matters.

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In October 2017, Valve laid out an easy-to-understand set of rules governing third-party broadcasting of Dota 2 tournament matches. 

To put it short, streamers are allowed to broadcast any DotaTV match to any audience even if there are official broadcasts running in parallel. In the case of commercial tournaments like the Omega League, third parties are only required to keep it low-key and non-commercial. So as long as there is no branding or advertising beyond what Twitch adds automatically and there is no re-use of official tournament caster material, streamers are technically allowed to cast these games.

Kyle Calls Out Popular Twitch Streamer SingSing

Many have criticized this ruling over the many years stating that this makes monetizing tournaments, significantly harder for tournament organizers.


Kyle Apologizes to SingSing, Asks Valve To Update Policies

Following his Tweet about SingSing restreaming Omega League games on his Twitch, and the outrage that followed, Kyle “Kyle” Freedman has apologized for the personal attacks on the streamer. However, he also added that he still stood behind the point he was making and directly asked Valve to update their policies and change the current system.

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