AdmiralBulldog Deletes Tweets After Kyle Replies with a Detailed Post on Content Exclusivity

Vignesh Raghuram
14/May/2020 08:05 am

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  • Kyle made some comments on WePlay's stream stating that tournament organizers should get exclusive rights.
  • AdmiralBulldog, Gorgc and a number of streamers disagreed with this statement and made posts/clips about it.
  • Kyle responded with a detailed post, following which AdmiralBulldog deleted his tweet attacking the analyst.

Earlier on May 12, Kyle made some comments on the WePlay! Pushka League stream, stating that tournament organizers were losing 30-40% of their revenue because they didn’t have exclusive rights for broadcasting tournaments. AdmiralBulldog responded to this by calling Kyle's comments “the dumbest most misinformed comment” that he had ever heard.

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Kyle initially did not respond to these comments immediately, instead he wrote a comprehensive post, detailing his stance and how streamers like AdmiralBulldog and Gorgc hurt tournament organizers.

Here’s a short summary of Kyle’s post:

  • Tournaments make a profit in three main ways: attracting views, selling broadcast rights and sponsorship deals. Exclusive rights are needed to ensure that a TO can properly monetize their content.

  • If tournaments have sole ownership of the content they produce, then they can sell it to other external parties like ESPN, eGG Network, Facebook, etc and make money off it.

  • Reaffirms that most DotA 2 events do not make money and says that no DotA 2 Major has made a profit since the beginning of the Dota Pro Circuit.

  • He explained that it is difficult for tournament organizers to sell sponsorship deals without exclusive broadcasting rights.

  • He adds that “Other games get paid by Twitch to use their platform. In DotA, we pay them for the privilege,” and indicates that this takes place due to the lack of exclusivity.

  • He also points out that “the platform was the problem, NOT the exclusivity” during the whole ‘ESL One Genting 2018 being exclusively broadcast on Facebook’ debacle (following which Valve issued their broadcasting guidelines).

AdmiralBulldog has since deleted his Tweet about this matter. It is unclear if Kyle's explanation played a part in this.

Community Reacts

But that didn’t stop various community figures and popular variety streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel from giving out their opinions.

Gorgc also responded to this matter

ESL’s Managing Director Of Pro Gaming Gives His Take On The Matter:




Many in the Dota 2 community believe that Valve needs to make a statement on this matter. However, none of Valve’s representatives has commented on this topic.


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