1437 Talks About Player Struggles Due To Non-Existent DPC

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • 1437 states that most players can't find a sustainable income because of how the system is setup.
  • Esports organizations are reluctant to invest in Dota 2 because of the way the DPC is being run and the uncertainty that plagues the scene as a result.

Valve has received plenty of criticism from the Dota 2 community over the past week. Players, talent, and fans have all expressed their disappointment with the lack of any substantial support from Valve regarding the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. With no signs of the regional leagues being introduced any time soon, it looks like that there is quite a brewing problem with the Dota 2 pro players. Former TNC Predator captain Sivatheeban "1437" Sivanathapillai commented on this matter, stating that Tier 2-3 players were struggling.

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1437 Reveals Player Struggles Due To Lack of DPC

1437 stated that he had started reaching out to Dota 2 pro players and learned that most can’t find a sustainable income due to how the scene has been setup.

1437 also added that esports organizations are reluctant to invest in Dota 2 because of the way the DPC is being run and the uncertainty that plagues the scene as a result.

This was an issue that Dota 2 players have been facing for quite some time according to 1437. However, without a TI to bring the players together and give them hope, it looks a little more dire than usual.

Dota 2 as an esport is quite unique. The International and the DPC Majors/Minors pay out a disproportionately large amount of prize money compared to other tournaments. This TI/Major heavy circuit has possibly led to organizations building business models that may have inadvertently begun to rely on prize pools. Due to this, when the prize pool tap gets plugged like with the current scenario, organizations tend to suffer financially more in Dota than in any other esport.

In contrast, Riot Esports with its League of Legends teams directly pays professional players a substantial salary. For context, the average 2020 LCS player salary is reportedly $410,000 USD. It also financially supports Tier 2-3 Teams, and financially incentivizes teams to have academy teams, whilst also hosting multiple leagues like the LCS, LEC and the LPL.

Players are getting frustrated at Valve’s continued silence as a result.

Earlier this year, Albanian Dota 2 Player and popular Twitch Streamer, Ylli ‘garter’ Ramdani announced his retirement from Dota 2 competitive scene and switched to League of Legends. He cited the “broken” MMR system and the flawed Tier 2 scene as the primary reasons for this sudden switch. 

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Despite the public outrage, Valve continues to maintain their silence about this current situation. Hopefully, they have something in the works.

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