Ceb On Teams Trash-Talking OG & Why He Flames in Pubs

Ceb On Teams Trash-Talking OG & Why He Flames in Pubs

Vignesh Raghuram
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OG’s offlaner Sébastien "Ceb" Debs once again spoke to RuHub which was posted on their YouTube channel. The two-time TI winner was asked to comment on teams like trash-talking OG, the player’s recent controversial incident in a pub match amongst other things. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Ceb on Other Teams Trash Talking OG

Recently,’s coach and players trash talked OG on their social media handles stating that they were going to crush them.

Ceb On Teams Trash-Talking OG & Why He Flames in Pubs's coach trash talks OG
Ceb On Teams Trash-Talking OG & Why He Flames in Pubs
Captain Seleri on OG

The players later stated that they wrote those tweets just to hype up this match. 

OG also trash-talked after beating them.

Ceb spoke about this in his interview with RuHub. He said:

“It was funny. They said they were going to crush us and then they lose 2-0. I feel like a lot of people are trash-talking us these days.

I think that they’re just maybe upset about what happens every year. Haters gonna hate. So when the day comes, we all know what happens, they also know what happens. Let them talk.”

Ceb’s Talks About A Recent Incident in A Pub Game

Recently Ceb had a clash with his teammate in a Ranked match where he asked his teammate to stop wasting time and stated that he could teach his pet to play better. This incident was extensively covered in CIS media. When he was asked to elaborate on this incident, Ceb responded:

“This is something I say in pubs when people are ruining a game or playing in a way where they don’t connect to the team, then they’re just wasting people’s time. Some people usually answer that they don’t care, but to that, I say that I care, my time is valuable. If I decide to spend one-hour practicing something and then one dude comes in and just ruins that hour of practice, I am mad at him for doing so. I don’t regret saying that. It is just what I think.”

Ceb also spoke about how he was tired of having to be a perfectionist in the public eye.

“I am a bit tired of this culture of people having to be perfect. If at some point they’re angry and they call somebody a moron or an animal.

Animal… I don’t know what people read into it. When I call somebody this, I think of internet pictures where there is a dog on the keyboard. It is not literally you playing, but it is somebody else like your cat came on the keyboard and is pressing the keyboard…

It is a bit tiresome. I probably shouldn’t say these things but at the same time it is an emotionally draining game when you have to practice and play Dota a lot but when you meet people that are bad teammates, very annoying teammates, sometimes you lose your temper. The best is to never lose it, it is hard for me to never lose it.”

Ceb also spoke about OG’s goals and how they’re trying to achieve it in this interview.

OG currently sit on top of their Group Stage table at the Omega League with three wins out of three games.

Disclaimer: Ceb's quotes have been edited/shortened for Grammar and Clarity.

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