1 Captain Seleri On ‘Son of Puppey’ Comparisons

Vignesh Raghuram
14/Aug/2020 10:37 am finally made it to the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division after battling their way through the closed qualifiers. Following this, just before they play their first match against OG in the Immortal division, the team’s captain Seleri interviewed with CIS portal

In this interview, he spoke about various aspects including the OMEGA League invites, the format of the qualifiers, and his comparisons to Puppey amongst various other topics.

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Seleri on Comparisons to Team Secret Captain Puppey

Seleri was dubbed as the ‘Son of Puppey’ by many fans in the CIS region due to his top-notch Enchantress plays. Seleri stated that he was honored to be compared to the best Dota 2 player of all time.

“I am honored to be even compared to Puppey because I think he is the best dota player of all time. But honestly, I have seen his enchantress replays but I don’t copy his playstyle because I think the way I play enchantress is better. (not trying to disrespect him, I think he has more impact than me on every hero because he understands the game way better than me)”

Team Secret and Puppey at TI9“I am honored to be even compared to Puppey because I think he is the best dota player of all time"

Seleri also spoke about the differences between his Enchantress and Puppey’s

"I cannot say anything specific, but the way we play the hero also depends on the way both teams draft. The way we draft my style of ench fits better, but for Team Secret the way he plays it might be better. [It] comes down to skill builds / how we view the hero."

Seleri on OMEGA League Not Directly Inviting to the Immortal Division

Earlier this week, coach ImmortalFaith tweeted his displeasure at WePlay!’s invites.

When Seleri was asked to elaborate on this, he stated that even though he understood why WePlay! did it, it wasn’t justified.

"The OMEGA League is basically the same tournament except they fused with another organizer and made it bigger and better. To completely ignore the qualifier that Unique and us won is bad mannered. They are allowed to do it and I can understand from a business perspective you would prefer to invite the biggest organizations that have the most ‘’fans’’ right now. But that doesn’t justify it."

Seleri also added that he does not blame the teams who accepted the invites and that he didn’t want to name whose place should have taken in the Immortal League.

“I don’t want to say any names, especially since it is not the fault of the teams that accepted the invitation. Who wouldn’t accept an invitation to an event like this. But I can say we should not replace Team Secret at least.”

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This will likely be a spicy match after OG's constant trash-talk after beating the lineup after beating them in the OGA DotaPit League Season 2.


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