Maybe and Fy Are Reportedly Leaving PSG.LGD

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Two of the most popular players in Chinese Dota 2, Lu "Somnus ' M" Yao (aka Maybe) and Xu "fy" Linsen are leaving PSG.LGD and have already signed with a new Chinese team according to a recent report by VPEsports

Somnus ' M and Fy Leave PSG.LGD To Join 4 Angry Men (4AM)?

4 Angry Men (4AM) is one of the biggest Chinese PUBG organizations. According to their manager Sun “Longshenjue” Haoming, the 4 Angry Men organization is looking to expand into Dota 2.

Maybe and Fy Are Reportedly Leaving PSG.LGD
Image via VPEsports

Sources of VPEsports, have reportedly confirmed that the 4AM organization has already signed Maybe and Fy from PSG.LGD. 

It is also rumored that some other big-name players in the Chinese scene will also be joining this team. The biggest of these rumors reportedly speculate that ViCi Gaming carry Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun, also known as "Paparazi” will be joining the team as their carry player.

An image posted by ViCi Gaming also lends credence to this rumor, since it features 4 ViCi Gaming players and their coach Bai “rOtK” Fan. The VG only player missing from this picture is Eurus.

Maybe's Tenure at LGD Gaming

It would be surprising to see Somnus ' M leave the PSG.LGD lineup considering his history with the team. Somnus ' M joined PSG LGD way back in 2015, just before The International 5. Since then Maybe has played over 1444 games as a LGD Gaming player. Only one other player has played more professional games with the same team (Dendi with Na'Vi).

Maybe and Fy Are Reportedly Leaving PSG.LGD

Maybe secured multiple Top 3 TI finishes with the team and has also won several Majors. He has won over $2.95 Million USD in prize winnings during his tenure with the LGD Gaming team. So it would be a massive surprise to see him leave the LGD Gaming organization.

In comparission, Fy joined PSG.LGD in September 2017.

Neither PSG.LGD, nor ViCi Gaming or the players have made any official announcements at the time of writing.

However, if the rumors and the reports end up being true, 4 Angry Man already have a heck of a Dota 2 roster on their hands, featuring some of the finest players in the Chinese region. 4AM’s potential roster:

  • Carry: Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun
  • Mid: Lu "Somnus ' M" Yao
  • Offlaner: TBA
  • Soft Support: Xu "fy" Linsen
  • Hard Support: TBA

Stay tuned to AFK Gaming for further reports as the situation progresses.

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