Arteezy Reveals Why He Stopped Playing in The Mid Lane

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Arteezy Reveals Why He Stopped Playing in The Mid Lane


Artour "Arteezy" Babaev has recently started streaming on Twitch once again. The NA player has always been one of the most popular Dota 2 streamers and is regularly pulling in an impressive amount of viewers watching his stream. 

Between all the high-skilled carry plays and his fails within games, the NA player also talks to his chat and answers a number of questions (some serious, some casual). Here are some of the most interesting thoughts from Arteezy’s latest streams.

Arteezy Reveals Why He Stopped Playing in The Mid Lane

Arteezy Explained Why He Shifted From Mid Lane To Carry

Arteezy made his name in the scene as one of the best midlaners in the world during the TI4-TI5 era. Since then, the player has transitioned into exclusively playing in the carry role. During one of his streams, Arteezy explained why he quit playing in the mid lane and only plays in the carry role.

“From memory, I think I was in a phase where I didn’t really like the direction of mid or something like that. 

I think a lot of mid players go through this, where they feel the progression of mid and the evolution over time kind of goes against what you really got good at in the mid lane. Like for instance, you get good at trading regen or whatever and then they introduce some new Salve or different tower positioning and then you just feel like you can’t do something that you used to do. So you just get kind of demotivated.

But eventually, you get over it and you get better again, that is the whole evolution of Dota. But I didn’t like it, I’d just rather play carry. 

I don’t really like mid. I feel like, every time I go mid I always do well or win my lane, but I can’t kill side lanes or some shit. It just doesn’t feel fun. Probably because I actually don’t know how to snowball. In a pub, it is pretty easy because people play like idiots but in real games, you actually have to have pretty high game knowledge.”

Arteezy’s Current Favourite Hero

Most Dota 2 pro players have their favorites. For instance, SumaiL has his Storm Spirit, Abed has his Meepo and Fy has his Rubick. Arteezy revealed that his current favorite hero is actually Faceless Void.

“My favorite hero after TI9 has always been Faceless Void. I don’t know what happened, I just really like Void now. Before TI9, I really hated the hero. I had a burning passion of hatred, but now it’s my favorite hero.”

True to his word, Arteezy has played Faceless Void more times (in pro matches) than any other hero after the conclusion of TI9. He has played Faceless Void a total of 19 times in this time period. He has won 14 of these games giving him a 73.68% win rate.

Arteezy Reveals Why He Stopped Playing in The Mid Lane
Arteezy's Most Played Heroes Following the Conclusion of TI9 | Image via Datdota

The NA player has regularly started streaming his games from around 12:00 AM IST |02:30 AM SGT on his Twitch channel. 

Disclaimer: Arteezy’s quotes have been edited for grammar and clarity.

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