N0tail Loses 1v1 Matchup Against Filipino Student

N0tail Loses 1v1 Matchup Against Filipino Student

Vignesh Raghuram
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OG’s Captain Johan "N0tail" Sundstein played against a Filipino student Zedrik “jeff” Dizon in a 1v1 challenge match in Red Bull R1V1R Runes Philippines. It was a match that was eagerly anticipated by OG’s massive Filipino fanbase and was even broadcasted by WomboxCombo. Many expected a stomp in the favor of N0tail but the end result ended up surprising us all. 

Filipino Student Plays Against OG Player N0tail

Ateneo de Manila University(ADMU) student Zedrik “jeff” Dizon recently managed to win the Red Bull R1V1R Runes Philippines tournament. The player managed to emerge on top from a pool of 128 aspiring competitors by using some unorthodox item builds and some excellent game mechanics.

The match against N0tail took place today and in a shocking turn of events, jeff managed to beat N0tail in the 1v1 BO3 exhibition matchup.

The 3 matches were Mid-only both players on the same heroes.

Game 1: Juggernaut vs. Juggernaut (N0tail Won)

Game 2: Windranger vs Windranger (Jeff won)

Game 3: Undying vs. Undying (Jeff won)

Here is the complete VOD in case you want to see the matches.

Although this is certainly a big moment for the Filipino student (beating a TI champion is no mean feat), it should be noted that N0tail had to play the match hosted in the SEA servers, all the way from Denmark, meaning that he had to play at a significant ping disadvantage.

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