Dota 2 Players/Casters React to Female Anti Mage Persona


Dota 2 Players/Casters React to Female Anti Mage Persona

Vignesh Raghuram
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Wei - Anti Mage’s Female persona was released earlier yesterday for TI10 Battle Pass owners. The reception to this new cosmetic seems to be largely mixed with many criticizing the lack of particle effects, bling, and custom spell icons that Valve’s previous Dota 2 personas received.

Fans have also made some claims about the Female Anti Mage persona being ‘too manly’, which many in the community have criticized.

However, other members from the community have criticized the persona’s lack of particle effects and other aspects.

Reactions to the Female Anti Mage Persona

Iceiceice indicates that the Female Anti Mage persona is low-effort from Valve and the Dota 2 team.

Streamers HoxieLoxie and Admiral Bulldog seem relatively happy with the new Anti Mage persona.

Dota 2 Personality SirActionSlacks talks about the dangers of having way too many particle effects on heroes alluding to yet another Valve game: Team Fortress 2.

Caster Lacoste had a funny take on the new Anti Mage persona.

Former OG.Seed carry Omar Mohammad "Madara" Dabachach cannot make up his mind about the Persona.

Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten, caster and content creator behind the We Say Things podcast rated it 2/5 on a review video.

Alliance LodA’s comments on the new Anti Mage Persona

Fwosh, an artist known for her Dota 2 Parody videos

No[o]ne thinks that this persona belongs to a League of Legends character

"This persona is just a LoL skin. I mean, it's like a toy, as it is in League of Legends. There's a Katarina, a woman who jumps back and forth, throws knives at her. This Anti-Mage persona looks a lot like her right now. This is taken from LoL, as far as I'm concerned." 

Which of these opinions do you agree with the most? What would you change about the Persona if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments below.

On the night of July 11, Valve released an update for Dota 2, which introduced a new persona for Anti-Mage. The persona changes the gender of the hero to a female, and also adds new responses and animations. According to the lore description, the character is Anti-Mage’s student named Wei. 

The International 10 Battle Pass was released on 25th May 2020. 25% of the funds collected from the purchase of Battle Pass or levels will go towards The International 10 (TI10)'s prize pool. TI10 has become the third biggest esports tournament in history.

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