Future Hero? Queen of Pain’s Brother Revealed in New Comic.

Vignesh Raghuram
12/Jun/2020 07:36 am
  • Queen of Pain's brother B’Kor was introduced in a new comic which was released alongside her new arcana.
  • He is friends with Nevermore (Shadow Fiend) and Vrogros (Underlord). Queen of Pain is jealous of the power he wields.
  • Another character Knogh, an exiled demon prince was also introduced.

The new Queen of Pain Arcana - Eminence of Ristul was just released by Valve earlier today. Featuring some impressive character models and all-new animations, it looks like it is a giant hit for Valve once again.

One of the more interesting parts about this arcana is the comic that was released alongside it. In it, two completely new characters were introduced to Dota 2 fans: B’Kor and Knogh.

B’Kor - Queen of Pain's Brother

  • B’Kor is Queen of Pain’s brother (who kind of looks like a mix of Oracle and Nightstalker).
  • He is friends with Nevermore (Shadow Fiend) and Vrogros (Underlord) and has taken control of the Royal Court in Ristul.
  • He is the ‘Master of Ceremony’ (possibly a ritual that all demons undergo).
  • It is indicated that he mocks Queen of Pain from his position of power, prompting her to search for power.

Knogh - Exiled Prince

  • Knogh is an exiled prince who was tricked into a life of servitude by a mage. He is ridiculed by the Royal Court in Ristul because of this reason.
  • Queen of Pain states that his clan was forced to bend the knee to the trio of Shadow Fiend, Underlord and B’Kor. She wanted him to transfer his power on to her so that she could claim revenge on his part.
  • As a result, Knogh gave up his birthrights, lands and ‘power associated with his clan’ to the Queen of Pain giving her the power to overwhelm the trio.

You can read the full comic in all its glory HERE. There are even a couple of wallpapers that Valve has added.

Perhaps these new characters will be explored further in future updates of Dota 2. Maybe even added to the game as a hero. Or maybe, even explored in *shudders* Artifact 2.


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