Bug? iceiceice Disarms a Tower

Vignesh Raghuram
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Over the years we’ve seen some ridiculous bugs in Dota 2. But this bug that Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang faced in one of his games was quite ridiculous making his Pangolier look even more broken than it already is.

Some bugs happen outside the game in the main menu or the game co-ordinator screen, some of the most notorious bugs of this variety was the one that made pro players like Arteezy Heralds and a bug that imposed restrictions on the number of hours of Dota that a player could play.

Iceiceice Encounters a Bug With Pangolier

However, this bug happened in-game. Luckily, it happened during one of iceiceice’s streams so we could enjoy the ridiculousness of it.

After winning a teamfight, Iceiceice marched down a lane to take the barracks and somehow managed to proc a disarm on the Tier 3 tower. The player himself looked like he was taken aback by this bug and went on social media to share this with his fans.

Even though the ability description doesn’t say anything of that sort, Pangolier’s lucky shot is not supposed to proc on Towers. Somehow iceiceice manages to do this.

Lucky Shot as an ability is certainly no stranger in the list of Dota 2 bugs. The Lucky Shot skill may sometimes proc on neutral creep which causes it to lose aggro. This can be especially annoying when you are trying to stack. If Lucky Shot procs when you are attempting to stack the camp, the affected creep will not move from the camp. which in turn leads to a failed stack.

The fact that iceiceice who is notorious for his Pangolier has encountered this bug for the first time, makes it seem like the bug is either recent or occurs very rarely. In any case, let’s see if Valve takes note and fixes it.

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