TNC Predator Beats BOOM Esports At The ONE Esports SEA Dota 2 League Group Stage

Vignesh Raghuram
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TNC Predator followed up a relatively good Week 1, Week 2 performance at the ONE Esports SEA Dota 2 League Group Stage with a massive 2-0 victory over BOOM Esports. The 7.27 patch looks like it has rejuvenated the lineup and there is already a noticeable improvement in TNC Predator’s performance.

TNC Predator Beats BOOM Esports At The ONE Esports SEA Dota 2 League Group Stage

We might very well see TNC Predator challenging the likes of Fnatic for the title, if their victory over the Indonesian team, BOOM Esports is anything to go by. BOOM Esports recently secured two recent runner-up finishes at the ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online: Southeast Asia and the BTS Pro Series Season 2: Southeast Asia.

TNC Predator vs BOOM Esports

Game 1: TNC Predator stomped BOOM Esports in their first game today, in a quick 30 minute win with aggressive plays starting from minute zero. TNC Predator’s midlaner Armel took over the game from the mid lane on his comfort Dragon Knight pick.

He got his Blink Dagger by the 12 minute mark, which allowed him to snowball other lanes and exert immense pressure, putting BOOM Esports’ hopes of winning in jeopardy. BOOM Esports’ cores were flustered and could never really get any form of control throughout the game and conceded it in just over 30 minutes.

Game 2: The second game was much more even, atleast in the initial stages. BOOM Esports traded evenly with TNC Predator in the laning phase and were looking evenly matched heading into the mid-game. However, a fight around the 20-minute mark saw TNC Predator turn the tides and take control of the map. 

Gabbi accelerated rapidly and easily carried his team to victory around the 34 minute mark. Offlaner Kpii also put in a spectacular 3/0/18 performance on his Void Spirit.

In this series, Armel averaged a KDA of 9.5/4/9.5 and was involved in 68% TNC Predator’s kills in this series. He was by far the most impactful player in Game 1. But Kpii was the match MVP of Game 2.

TNC Predator Beats BOOM Esports At The ONE Esports SEA Dota 2 League Group Stage

TNC Predator will now take on Reality Rift on Sunday (5th July 2020) in their next matchup. A win here would almost guarantee the team a place in the Upper Brackets of the playoffs. Considering the fact that the team will have to face Fnatic and Geek Fam in the final week of the ONE Esports SEA Dota 2 League Group Stages, TNC Predator will be looking to close out Week 3 with yet another win.

In the other match of the day, Geek Fam and Reality Rift tied their series 1-1. This adds to Geek Fam’s woes in this tournament. The team really needs to start firing on all cylinders if they want to get that upper bracket slot.

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