Maybe Dresses Up As A Woman After Winning ESL ONE MVP Vote

Maybe Dresses Up As A Woman After Winning ESL ONE MVP Vote

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • PSG.LGD Midlaner Maybe aka Somnus'M dressed up as a woman after winning the ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online MVP vote.
  • He promised his fans that he would do the crossplay if he ended up winning the Mercedes Benz. He has fulfilled it.
  • Several Dota 2 players have also done crossplays in the past.

After leading his team to an impressive victory in ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online: China, Lu "Maybe" Yao aka Somnus’M recently won the Mercedes Benz car for being voted as the MVP of the tournament. He became the first Chinese player to win the MVP vote.

According to fans from the Chinese Dota 2 community, Maybe promised fans that he would stream, dressed up like a woman to celebrate the victory if he ended up winning the MVP vote.

Demands to Dress Up Like Queen of Pain

According to Chinese blogs, many of Maybe’s fans stated that the player should dress up as Queen of Pain following the release of the new Arcana as well as his recent 11-match win streak with the hero. Unfortunately, Maybe did not oblige with this request. However, he did deliver on his promise to dress up like a woman.

Maybe Dresses Up As A Woman

On 17th June, Maybe went live on stream dressed up as a woman, fulfilling his promise to his fans.

According to many of our Chinese friends, the stream went viral with thousands tuning in to watch it. In it, Maybe engaged in a dance battle against a Chinese caster.

Maybe lost this battle and hence was asked to call various Chinese Dota 2 professionals including Ame and Sccc to fake-confess his feelings for them. He later went on to play Dota 1 after fan requests.

Past Crossplays of Dota 2 Players

Dota 2 players dressing up as women isn’t exactly something new. Over the years, multiple players and teams from both the eastern and western Dota 2 scenes have crossplayed as women.

The first instance of crossplay we remember is Invictus Gaming’s crossplay as maids after winning a fan redemption vote at The Summit 3.

Maybe Dresses Up As A Woman After Winning ESL ONE MVP Vote

Following this, TI7 Champion and Current Team Secret player, Lasse Aukusti "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen cosplayed as “MATUMBAWOMAN” in July 2015.

Maybe Dresses Up As A Woman After Winning ESL ONE MVP Vote

In early 2017, former TNC Predator coach, Kim "Febby" Yong-min streamed in a crossplay after reaching one of his subscriber goals on Twitch.

Chinese Dota 2 legend Burning has also crossplayed as a woman in the past.

Maybe Dresses Up As A Woman After Winning ESL ONE MVP Vote

Earlier this month, Iceberg from FTM streamed in a maid’s costume because he lost a bet and didn't reach top 10 in the European MMR leaderboard by the end of February 2020.

Perhaps more Dota 2 players will begin to do some kind of a challenge in order to get themselves an edge in the Mercedes Benz MVP votes. It looks like it certainly works.

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