SsaSpartan: “Clutch Gamers should never be allowed to enter any esports game”

Vignesh Raghuram
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In a recent interview with VPEsports, Aggressive Mode player Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos has elaborated on why he left the SEA organization Clutch Gamers and their experience with the team. The player was a part of the team for just 1 month, before departing from the team.

The player stated:

“It turned out to be a really shady organization, not good people at all. Clutch Gamers should never be allowed to enter any esports game. If they are to enter this scene again, I will stand up and speak about how bad they are. They are not professionals, they are just a group of people trying to scam everyone. The story was on Reddit, you can still find the threads I believe. 

So many players got scammed by these dudes. They also scammed me. I went with them to a tournament in the Emirates [Gamers Premier Nation Season 3]. We won that event, but I never got my prize money. So, I really don’t want more people to get scammed by Clutch Gamers.”

Earlier last year, Vladimir "yol" Basov also accused Clutch Gamers of non-payment of dues. He stated that the organisation still owed him $5000 even after a year of waiting.

SsaSpartan also spoke about their matches with OG. He said that the loss to OG in the playoffs, hurt them psychologically. He explained:

“We got demolished by them, we couldn’t do anything, we couldn’t play Dota 2 in that series. We knew that they will play aggressive, that they will run at us, but man we couldn’t do anything and we were just standing like headless chickens wondering what the f** is happening. We felt like we couldn’t play the game at all, and after the games, we couldn’t even talk about what just happened. It hit us hard in the psychology department. “

You can read the full interview by VPEsports HERE. SsaSpartan spoke about how his team came together, Ad Finem, Nigma, NiP, and the WePlay! Tug of war: Mad Moon.

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