Clutch Gamers accused of non-payment of dues by Russian player yol

Vignesh Raghuram
4/Aug/2019 12:00 am

Clutch Gamers were rumoured to have disbanded early in 2019 when almost all of their active players left the team. The team was pretty successful in 2018: MPGL Asia Championships and ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #12. Taken together the organisation earned $21,500 in those events.

However, the organisation has just been accused of not paying their former player Vladimir "yol" Basov his share of the MPGL Asia Championships and ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #12 prize winnings, as well as, two months of salary amounting to a total of $5000.

Vladimir "yol" Basov revealed this on Reddit, earlier today, accusing Clutch Gamers of scamming him. He stated that he waited for a year for these payments to go through and that he had finally“lost any hope to get it”. He also stated that he thinks the team still had payment issues with other players as well, but he could only confirm that they haven't paid Ahjit and himself.

yol also attached screenshots of his facebook/steam conversations with the Founder/Manager of Clutch Gamers: Jaseem “Gangster” Khan and Jamal “theone” Khan as proof of said accusations.

We have reached out to Clutch Gamers for their response on the matter. At the time of publishing, we have not received a statement from them.


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