33 & Skiter Gave Their Thoughts on Old G


33 & Skiter Give Their Thoughts on Old G’s Return to the DPC

Ammar Aryani
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The duo of skiter & 33 were recently asked about their opinion on the newly formed Old G on Gorgc's live stream.
The Old G stack featured the two-time TI winner trio of Topson, N0tail & Ceb with MSS & Noone completing the roster.
The TI11 champions noted that it would be fun if the stack manages to earn promotion to Division I, as it could be a valuable learning experience.

Popular Dota 2 livestreamer & current captain of Team Bald Reborn Janne "Gorgc'' Stefanovski recently asked TI11 champions (The International 2022) Tundra Esports’ Oliver "skiter" Lepko & Neta “33” Shapira about their opinions on the newly formed Old G. Gorgc was joined by the duo during a live stream coverage of the Western European Dota Pro Circuit (WEU DPC) Open Qualifiers.

While the trio mainly talked about the open qualifiers itself, Gorgc also asked the duo about their own thoughts on the new challengers.

33 & Skiter think that Old G’s participation in the DPC can be a valuable learning experience

During a livestream coverage of the open qualifiers of the Western European Dota Pro Circuit (WEU DPC), Janne "Gorgc'' Stefanovski asked TI11 champions Oliver "skiter" Lepko & Neta “33” Shapira about their opinions on Old G after seeing the team compete in the Open Qualifiers.

While 33 initially joked around by saying that Tundra Esports should grab every DPC point they can before Old G’s promotion to Division I in the second tour of the season, he also said that Old G’s participation in the DPC can be a valuable learning experience to all of the teams in both divisions of the regional league.

“We’re going to grab every DPC point that we can before they come. [laughs] But on a more serious note honestly, I feel good if that team is actually gonna take this seriously because you can for sure learn something from them.”

Gorgc then agreed to 33’s statement, saying that he does not believe either Sebastian "Ceb" Debs or Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen’s statements of Old G being a non-competitive team.

“I think so, yeah. I mean, I watched their initial interview about the team’s creation where they said the team does not care about being competitive and more about having fun. However, I don’t believe that. I think this team will try their hardest in the upcoming season despite all of that.”

At the moment, Old G have already qualified for the Closed Qualifiers for the Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit (WEU DPC) for the upcoming season, with many within the Dota 2 community expecting the team to qualify for the second division of the regional league with ease.

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