Adroit had to play their Qualifiers from an Internet Cafe after Network Issues

Adroit had to play their Qualifiers from an Internet Cafe after Network Issues

Vignesh Raghuram
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Image Courtesy: Adroit

Unfortunately, the Internet issues for Filipino Dota 2 teams continue in this SEA Qualifier. 

This time, it was Adroit who faced these issues and had to resort to forfeiting their first game against Fnatic and moving to a LAN cafe (The nearest one to their regular Bootcamp) to play in this qualifier.

Team Adroit looked extremely dominant in the Group Stages. They topped their Group by beating teams like TNC Predator and only dropped a single game. They finished with a 3-1-0 record only dropping a single game against IO Dota 2.

They advanced to the playoffs and faced off against Fnatic. Many were expecting a thriller, the highlight of the SEA Qualifier. 

Although Adroit finished their draft, they had to pause just 3 minutes into the game due to the internet issues. After they exhausted their 10-minute pause time, Fnatic and Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang decided to utilize their own pause time to give Adroit more time.

Unfortunately, the Filipino team simply couldn’t connect, in time. So the admins made a decision and announced that Adroit had forfeited their first game.

Although they were back in time for the second game, due to the sub-optimal conditions they simply couldn’t compete against Fnatic and conceded the second game in just 17 minutes.

Team Adroit will get another shot at redemption later tomorrow when they compete against Mushi’s IO Dota 2 for a shot at the major. Hopefully, they’ll have better internet connections for this nailbiting fixture.

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