Filipino Internet Strikes Again: Lowkey Esports Eliminated After Disconnect

Vignesh Raghuram
11/Feb/2020 07:38 am

Image Courtesy: Cignal Ultra

At this point, we’re all familiar with Cignal Ultra’s heartbreaking disconnect which cost them a spot at the 2nd Major of this season.

Well, it happened again. Only this time, it happened to a team facing Cignal Ultra for a spot in the Minor Qualifiers. Lowkey Esports got disconnected in a tie-breaker game and did not reconnect within 10 minutes. This allowed Cignal Ultra to resume the game and capitalise on Lowkey’s internet issues, winning the game.

A Detailed Summary

Since Lowkey Esports and Cignal Ultra were tied in points in the Group Stages (for 4th and 5th place), they had to play a tiebreaker to decide who finishes in 4th place and plays in the Minor Qualifier Decider.

Lowkey Esports managed to fight their way into the lead and were on course for victory with a 10k Networth lead and an Aegis on their farmed Slark. However, disaster struck when Lowkey Esports disconnected at the 28-minute mark.

Cignal Ultra waited for their stipulated 10 minutes (11:48 minutes, to be exact) and decided to resume the game after Lowkey Esports’ pause time ran out. They barrelled down mid and claimed the win before any of their opponents could reconnect and claimed the 4th place spot.

It is a heartbreaking loss for Lowkey Esports whose victory was snatched away from them thanks to circumstances beyond their control. The fact that this happened to one of the biggest Filipino esports organisations, indicates that even with top-class infrastructure, internet disconnections are still an inevitable reality in the region.


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