Rumour: Kpii to join TNC Predator

Rumour: Kpii to join TNC Predator

Nishant Patel
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Cover and thumbnail courtesy Kpiidota

In what could be an accidental leak by Kim "QO" Sun Yeob, he revealed that Damien "kpii" Chok  will be joining TNC Predator's Dota 2 roster for the new DPC season.

In a clip takent from Kim "Febby" Yong-min's stream, QO can be heard saying "You obviously don't understand Dota Kpii. How are you going to survive in TNC with that mentality?"

Febby follows this up by asking if Kpii is going to TNC to which QO replies "what do you mean? It's already updated."

Kpii currently plays for Mineski and finished in the 9th to 12th position at The International 2019 where they were knocked out by Team Secret in the lower bracket of the main event. He currently plays position 3 on the team and if the rumour turns out to be true it would mean that Carlo "Kuku" Palad would either be replaced or have to switch positions on the team.

In August, Kuku put out a shocking tweet with the words "LFT" which led to speculation about him parting ways with TNC. However, just days later he squashed those rumours by confirming that he was on vacation and just trolling with that tweet. (Update: Kuku and Eyyou have left TNC Predator. Looks like he wasn't just trolling after all!)

It's very likely that QO and Febby are just trolling in the stream clip above, but if this rumour turns out to be true, it's more likely that Kuku will change positions rather than leave TNC Predator entirely.

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