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23savage and Aurora Teammates Mention Their Top Heroes for Patch 7.34e

Rakshak Kathuria
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As patch 7.34e has now been live for a week, players from Southeast Asian (SEA) Dota 2 team Aurora shared their top three heroes in various roles.
Despite the patch, the majority of the heroes chosen by the players have been strong and popular for a long time.

With the recent release of patch 7.34e, the Dota 2 meta was expected to freshen up as it had been stale since The International 12 (TI12). As patch 7.34e has now been live for some time, players from Southeast Asian (SEA) Dota 2 team Aurora shared their top three heroes in various roles. There were a couple of new heroes on the list, but most of the players including Nuengnara "23" Teeramahanon, Armel "Armel" Tabios, Anucha "Jabz" Jirawong, and Worawit "Q" Mekchai, preferred heroes that were already strong in the previous patch. 

Aurora players share their top three heroes for patch 7.34e for different roles

Aurora's carry player 23savage's top selections for patch 7.34e were a mix of meta and his favorite heroes (Morphling and Faceless Void).

  • Morphling

  • Faceless Void

  • Wraith King

According to Armel, Kunkka, and Necrophos are among the best mid laners in 7.34e, along with Puck, which has begun to gain popularity recently. Kunkka joins the list for Armel despite seeing a decline in win rate following the release of patch 7.34e.

  • Kunkka

  • Puck

  • Necrophos

According to Jabz, the best offlaners in 7.34e are three Strength heroes, all of which were predictable picks. In the previous month, all three have been among the most annoying heroes in the game.

  • Bristleback

  • Primal Beast

  • Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker and Primal Beast have particularly been present in almost every game and they are still quite viable in 7.34e.

Q's selection, like Jabz's, came as no surprise since it comprised some of the most popular support heroes in recent times.

  • Dark Willow

  • Muerta

  • Nature's Prophet

Auora's position five player Chan "Oli" Chon Kien was the only one whose top heroes for patch 7.34e were not revealed by the organization.

Most of the heroes shared by these players have been identified as extremely powerful and were repeated in ranked games in the past few weeks, leading to a monotonous experience for players across brackets.

While the new patch initially generated mixed reactions, players have not found much relief a few days into it. They have not found a lot of changes in the hero picks despite some like Chaos Knight actually seeing their pick rate fall because of the nerfs.

However, this was a sub patch and Valve might release a major patch around the beginning of 2024 when the competitive season starts gaining some pace and steam.

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