How to Play the Dead Reckoning Mini-Game in Dota 2

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Dota 2 released Patch 7.32e, which includes new hero Muerta and a celebratory mini-game called the Dead Reckoning.</p></div>
Dota 2 released Patch 7.32e, which includes new hero Muerta and a celebratory mini-game called the Dead Reckoning.


Dota 2 released Patch 7.32e, which includes new hero Muerta and a celebratory mini-game called the Dead Reckoning.
Here’s all you need to know about the Dead Reckoning mini-event.

Valve released Patch 7.32e for Dota 2 and introduced new hero Muerta to the game alongside a mini-event called the “Dead Reckoning.” Players will help Muerta in ensuring that the “right warm bodies” are placed in the “right fresh graves” through the Dead Reckoning mini-game. The objective of the mini-game is simple: players need to score points during the game by securing kills and assists on a specified “target hero.” Notably, the one with the most points at the end of the game gets twice the rewards. Players also need to be cautious while playing Dead Reckoning since their opponents will also be out for their blood. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Dead Reckoning mini-game, how to play it, and some useful tips to score more points.

Dead Reckoning mini-game: Tips and tricks to score more points

Players participating in the Dead Reckoning event will receive an assigned target hero before every Dota 2 game. The target hero is revealed when you load into the game and it will be one of the players on the opponent team.

Target hero in Dead Reckoning mini-game

It is clear that you need to score more points to reap hefty rewards from the event celebrating Muerta’s release in Dota 2. Players are given points based on their kills and assists on the target hero. 

Here are some tips that will help you pick up more kills and assists:

  • Turbo Mode: While the Turbo mode has the same rules as All Pick, it has several differences in order to shorten the duration of the match time. Given that the match is sped up, players can opt for Turbo mode to get more kills and assists quickly and frequently.

  • Heroes with low cooldown: In order to get as many kills and assists as possible, you will have to constantly engage in combat. As a result, picking heroes that prefer fighting often, with low cooldowns on their kit, will be your best bet. You can opt for heroes like Tusk, Slark, Ember Spirit, and Pudge.

  • Global spells: Heroes with Global spells will allow players to participate in fights anywhere on the map and will enable them to be a part of cross-map plays. This will be crucial to pick up kills and assists. You can play heroes like Zeus, Spectre, and Nature's Prophet during the Dead Reckoning event.

  • Say no to farm fests: It is better to avoid heroes who do not like to participate in fights and ganks, but instead prefer to scale by farming. Therefore, players need to avoid heroes like Anti Mage, Medusa, and Alchemist.

How to redeem treasures in the Dead Reckoning mini-game?

When players get kills and assists against their assigned target to score points before a game, they will earn Muerta’s Flowers. The more points one scores, the more Flowers one can earn from Muerta. 

Once you have earned your Flowers, you can trade them for Dead Reckoning Chests. These chests or Treasures contain all-new item sets and event-themed items.

Players can open these chests using the Dead Reckoning Key to unveil their reward inside. You can purchase the Keys from the shop for $2.49 USD or 20,000 shards each from the Dota Plus Shard Shop. Players will also receive five keys for free to kick off the event. 

The sets that can be farmed via the Treasures in the Dead Reckoning mini-game are as follows:

  • Dying Light

  • Altar Ball

  • Dead Heat

  • Death Adder

  • Doll of the Dead

  • Expired Gun

  • Soul Serpent

  • Spectral Hunter

How long can you play the Dead Reckoning mini-game?

The Dead Reckoning Mini-game will be live on the game servers till 4th April. Players have almost a full month to enjoy this mini-game and collect as many rewards as they can.

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