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Dota Atomic War: Lords Abilities Explained

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Players are thronging to play the latest Dota 2 custom game sensation, Dota Atomic War.
However, since it is a Dota 2 based custom game, players will need to master many aspects of it to be proficient at it. One of these primary aspects is the Lords of the Dota 2 Atomic War.
Here is a look at the abilities that you can get through various Lords in the Dota Atomic War.

Players are thronging to play the latest Dota 2 custom game sensation, Dota Atomic War. However, since it is a Dota 2 based custom game, players will need to master many aspects of it to be proficient at it. One of these primary aspects is the Lords of the Dota 2 Atomic War. Lords are normal Dota 2 heroes but each one of them provides you with extra benefits that help you throughout the course of the game. More than 20 Lords are currently available in the game out of which you need to choose one before the Atomic War begins.

Here is a look at the abilities that you can get through various Lords in the Dota Atomic War.

Dota Atomic War: Lords Meaning and Abilities Explained

At the start of the game, you will be asked to pick a Lord. Out of the total pool of lords, four hero options will only be available. Each Lord will grant a unique ability that will help you throughout the game.

Lord options at the start of Dota Atomic War

If you do not like any of the four hero Lords, you have the option to roll once. This will erase the previous four options and bring a new set of four hero lords.

Here is a look at what each Lord gives:


Flesh Heap - Initial HP is 600.

Pudge Lord


Heroes begin with an initial HP of 600 instead of 400.

Bounty Hunter

Gold Hunting - Store coins per round. Then withdraw all stored coins for once.

This ability can only be used once. So, if you withdraw the coins after six rounds, you can no longer use this ability.

Bounty Hunter Lord



Purification - Immediately upgrades allied hero level.

Increases the level of the chosen hero by 12. Can only be used once per game. The enhanced level will not count when the hero is sold.

Cost - 1 coin

Omniknight Lord



Lightning Bolt - Deals Damage to 2 Enemy Units. The damage will be increased after each cast.

Cost - 1 coin

Zeus Lord



Take Aim - Extends the attack range of Shooter, also knocks back his enemies.

Sniper Lord



Greevil’s Greed - With a cost of health points, you get coins.

HP sacrificed - 20 (in image it shows 30 but it was updated recently)

Alchemist Lord



Culling Blade - Instantly killing the first hero whose health is less than 45%.

Axe Lord


Phantom Lancer

Juxtapose - When an Illusion gets killed, it grants the hero HP regeneration and bonus attack damage. Amount of the enhancement depends…

Phantom Lancer Lord



Rearm- The cost of Refresh Shop will be 0 before purchasing anything.

Cost - 2 coins

Tinker Lord



Father’s Promise - Get an Aghanim’s Scepter every 6 rounds in the preparation phase.

Rubick Lord



Lunar Blessing - Aura: Increases Attack Damage of ally heroes. The Aura is stackable.

Cost - 1 coin

Luna Lord



Bloodrage - Deduct hp immediately. It restores more hp and deals extra damage to enemy Summoner (Lord) if you win the next round.

HP cost - 40

Bloodseeker Lord


Naga Siren

Song of the Siren - Hypnotize the selected hero at the beginning of the battle. It grants it HP and damage per second and also spell immunity.

Cost - 0 coins

Naga Siren Lord



Flamebreak - When an ally summoned dies, Batrider hurls an explosive cocktail at its location and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Batrider Lord


Ember Spirit

Forge - At the beginning of the battle, a BROKEN SWORD is placed in your inventory, this can then be forged.

Cost - 1 coin

With nine coins, you can forge a broken sword with this Lord. The sword gives 180 damage and Ember Spirit's Sleight of Fist ability when forged. You can forge this into a level 2 sword with 320 damage, Ember Spirit's Sleight of Fist ability, and True Strike for normal attacks by using nine more coins.

Ember Spirit Lord


Dark Willow

Faerie Light - Lower mage heroes’ price by 1 coin. Reduce magic resistance of the enemy by 9%.

Dark Willow Lord



Attribute Shift - Pulls points from a chosen Hero’s sub-attributes and pours them into the primary attribute.

Morphling Lord



Reaper’s Scythe - Randomly kill a Hero. The probability of killing an enemy is higher.

Necrophos Lord


Nature’s Prophet

Gift of Nature - Get random equipment.

Cost - 4 gold

Nature's Prophet Lord


Crystal Maiden

Arcane Aura - Ally heroes gain mana regen based on missing mana. Mana spent will turn into a shield.

Crystal Maiden Lord



Charm - Sell items at the original price.

Enchantress Lord


Keeper of the Light

Chakra Magic - When the selected hero’s Mana is low, restore its mana and reduce its remaining spell CD. If none is selected, grants to the first unit that is out of mana.

Coin - 0 gold

Keeper of the Light Lord



Cloak and Dagger - Enhance Melee Heroes in the following ways: Deals bonus attack damage based on its agility, increases movement speed, and reduces...

Riki Lord


Phantom Assassin

Phantom Strike - Ally Hero gains the damage amp and spell immunity after using flash spells

Phantom Assassin Lord



Toss - Throw Ally Heroes to Enemy’s back at the beginning of each round.

Tiny Lord


All the active Lord abilities that either cost 0 gold or some gold can be used with V hotkey or by pressing the button on the bottom left of your screen.

Be sure to choose your Lord before the game begins as you have only a fixed amount of time to do so.

Dota Atomic War: Gameplay

After you have picked your Lord, the game begins. You will need to purchase heroes from the shop, upgrade them and equip them with strong items and spells. A maximum of five heroes can be purchased in the entire game.

You begin the game with 3 gold so you can only buy one hero for the first round. Place the hero on the part of the battlefield board you fit is accurate. You can no longer control the hero once the fight starts, as it will automatically determine the way it wants to take the fight.

Depending on how convincingly you win or lose a round, you will lose a certain portion of your health on your courier character. All players begin with the same amount of health. The last man remaining will be adjudged the winner.

Also, there is a possibility that during certain rounds, neither player will be able to kill the enemy heroes in time. The round will be a draw and both players will receive a deduction in their health.

The positioning of your heroes, the mix of various abilities, the items you use, and the Lord you choose will all play a crucial role in determining your victory.

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