Dota 2 Player Cards will be used for an upcoming Fantasy League

Dota 2 Player Cards: All That You Need to Know

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Dota 2 Player Cards representing TI10's competitors were recently released as part of TI10's free Compendium.
According to Valve's blog post, Dota 2 Player Cards will be used later in Fantasy lineups, which are also a part of the Compendium and will be released on 30th Sept 2021.
Here is a look at more information about how Player Cards work and how to obtain them.

Dota 2 Player Cards have been introduced as one of the first parts of The International 10 (TI10) Compendium. A single Dota 2 Player card represents one of the five players from the 18 strongest teams playing at Dota 2's premier stage. There are three versions of these cards that you can win: bronze (basic card), silver, and gold, with Gold being the best variant. In the wake of TI10 and the release of other components of Compendium in the coming future, there has been some speculation regarding what these player cards will be used for, other than just collecting them. Here is a look at what Valve wrote in TI10’s Compendium blog post and at more information about the Player Cards.

TI10’s Compendium: Dota 2 Player Cards will be used for creating fantasy lineups

“Start planning your fantasy lineups, because Player Cards are dropping today,” wrote Valve in the blog post where it unveiled TI10’s compendium. This means that these cards will be used later in Fantasy lineups, which are also a part of the Compendium and will be released on 30th Sept 2021.

Additionally, when users open the Player Cards inside the game of Dota 2, the phrase "For Use in Fantasy Challenge game" is displayed on top of the card.

All TI10 players have some statistics imprinted on their cards, such as the number of towers killed, deaths, camps stacked, etc, based on whether the card is silver or gold. In the silver version, three statistics are displayed, while the gold version displays five statistics. These statistics will probably get changed at TI10 based on player performance and so, they might be the basis for contention in this fantasy game.

Opening a player pack gives you five cards


In general, users of fantasy games usually have to compile the strongest possible team out of the cards available to them.

The Compendium tab on Dota 2's client also states that users can earn Compendium points through “accurate predictions, an expert Fantasy Draft, and more. Valve adds, "As your points increase, earn rewards - including a number of The International 2021 rethemed Legacy Sets. The full reward line will be revealed in the coming weeks ahead of the Group Stage.”

As Valve suggests, users who excel in the Fantasy Leagues will have the opportunity to acquire TI10 exclusive sets.

As per Dota 2’s client, the Fantasy League is coming out on 30th September, the Main Event predictions on 7th October, and the Bracket predictions on 11th October.

How to earn Dota 2 Player Cards?

The Dota 2 community has been given a free set of 10 player packs, each with five cards. When you open these packs, there is a chance to get the silver and gold versions in each of them.

Furthermore, every day, all players who win a game will receive a player pack.

Dota 2 users can purchase a team pack for $0.49 USD to earn more player cards. Since it is a team pack, the best Player Card out of the five (silver or gold) belongs to the team you selected. The other four Player Cards may or may not be from your selected team.

Users can also earn more player packs through the Supporters Clubs. Users who are Supporters Club members (which is also available in bronze, silver, and gold versions) are entitled to the following:

  • Bronze: 1 basic pack, 1 team pack

  • Silver: 6 basic packs, 2 team packs (for a total of 7 basic and 3 team packs)

  • Gold: 7 basic packs, 3 team packs (for a total of 14 basic and 6 team packs)

Supporters Clubs have also been halved in price with this update.

Dust Points

It is also possible to receive a Player Card more than once as you open more and more packs. If this is the case, you can recycle the extra cards for “Dust.” Recycling a bronze card gives 1 Dust, recycling a silver card gives 2 Dust, and recycling a gold card gives 5 Dust.

Dust can then be used either to purchase a new player pack or to craft a specific Player Card. Dota 2 users can purchase a new player pack for 15 Dust, while a Player Card of their choice can be created for 30 Dust.

Player Cards tab inside Dota 2's client


Players can continue to collect as many cards as they can for now from these sources while Valve releases more information about the Dota 2 Player Cards, the Fantasy League, and TI10's Compendium. Ideally, you will want to collect the gold versions of the players you feel will flourish and stand out at TI10.

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