Collapse Dota 2 Settings 2023: Hotkeys, Options, and Social Settings


Collapse Dota 2 Settings 2023: Hotkeys, Options, and Social Settings

Dorjee Palzang
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Two Time TI winner, Collapse shared his Dota 2 hotkeys for any curious fans out there on X
His hotkeys seemed to be a relatively simpler compared to other professionals like Topson

Two-time TI(The International) winner and arguably one of the best professional Magnus players, Team Spirit’s Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov recently took to X to share his hotkeys with his fans and curious enthusiasts. Interestingly, unlike many other pros who bound certain Hotkeys with the Alt button, Collapse has relatively simpler Hotkey binds that many common Dota players can relate to and also he does not use any sort of quickcasts for skills and items. Also, he uses a very common mouse to play Dota, according to Liquipedia Collapse uses the Logitech G102, which is a widely available mouse.

(The Images Used Are Replicated to be in English)

Collapse’s Dota 2 settings in 2023


Ability hotkeys

Collapse does not use quick cast for his spells and noticeably uses the 1, 2 ,3, 4 Hotkeys for his main spells.

Item hotkeys

Collapse does not use a quick cast for his items. Below are the Hotkeys for his items

Other basic hotkeys used for actions such as unit movement, shop, chat, interface, and control groups are listed below.

Collapse's Abilities and Item Hotkeys

Advanced hotkeys

There are advanced options for aspects of the game such as 'Directional Move', 'Scan', 'Glyph', and other camera, interface, shop, and control groups. Here are the hotkeys Collapse uses for these.

Advanced Hotkeys for Collapse


Under the Options tab, Collapse has these aspects turned on.


Auto Attack: Never

Double Tap Ability to Self-Cast

Smart Double Tap

Unified Order with CTRL

Teleport Requires Hold/Stop


Edge Pan

Disable Camera Zoom

Hold Select Hero to Follow

Camera Speed: 3000 (Default)


Icons: Hero only

Alt Icons: Arrow (Player Colors)


Default Settings

Game Options for Collapse

Advanced Options

Summoned Unit Auto Attack: Standard

Auto-repeat Right Mouse

Strict Solo Role Queue Match Making: Disabled

Advanced Game Options for Collapse

Social Settings

Collapse has noticeably many of the settings on default but one of the few settings that he surprisingly has activated is the “No incoming Chat” which would mean Collapse does not communicate with his teammates in-game at all. 

No incoming chat for Collapse

Collapse did not share his Video Settings and Audio Settings.

Ever since Team Spirit won The International 2023, the team has been on a break and has not been seen participating in any tournaments. The team received a direct invite to the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 but declined the spot and didn’t participate. 

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