ZywOo Reveals His Goals In CS:GO For 2022


ZywOo Talks About His Goals in CS:GO for 2022

The French superstar is ready to give it his best once again.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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ZywOo talks about his goals for CS:GO and all that he wants to achieve in 2022.
He states that all he wants to do in 2022 is to perform well with the new international CS:GO roster assembled by Vitality.
ZywOo is also committed to improving his English, which would be the official language of the team.

The French superstar, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, despite having a fantastic individual performances last year, could not translate it into tournament victories with Team Vitality. In fact, the only tournament they won was IEM Winter 2021 towards the tail end of the competitive season.

However, the 21-year-old is not too worried about the year gone by and is completely focused on the 2022 competitive circuit. ZywOo will be competing with a completely new team, as the French organization has shifted to an international CS:GO roster.

Vitality's new head coach, Danny "zonic" Sørensen, has already laid out his plans for the team, however, ZywOo has also set some professional goals for himself which he shall strive to achieve in 2022.

French star ZywOo talks about his goals in CS:GO for the 2022 competitive season

The deadly AWPer recently spoke about what he wants to achieve going forward in CS:GO this year during an interview with Dexerto.

ZywOo said that all he wants to do in 2022 is to perform well with the new international roster that Vitality has assembled. He aims to win everything (all the big CS:GO tournaments) this season, while also performing to the best of his capabilities.

However, he clarified that being the best CS:GO player in the world or individual player ranking is something that he never actively thinks about or aims to pursue, "I just play my game and don't care about the results or what people are saying on Twitter, I just play my game and that's it."

Team Vitality - New international CS:GO roster for 2022

ZywOo is also committed to improving his English which as stated by zonic would be the official language within the team, as less French and Danish will be spoken between the players. While the Vitality star knows how to communicate positions and give callouts in English, his general conversational skills are still lacking and that is what he aims to work upon.

The new international Vitality roster is one of the CS:GO teams that has attracted a lot of attention before the new season. While there are a lot of things that need to fit perfectly for the team to workout, they are certainly one of the powerhouses to look out for.

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