Xyp9x Becomes First CS:GO Pro to Play More Than 1000 Maps on LAN

Achievement unlocked by the 'Clutch Minister'.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Xyp9x Becomes First CS:GO Pro To Play More Than 1000 Maps On LAN</p></div>
Xyp9x Becomes First CS:GO Pro To Play More Than 1000 Maps On LAN


Danish rifler, Xyp9x, has become the first professional CS:GO player to compete in more than 1000 maps on LAN.
The CS:GO veteran at the age of 26 holds an overall rating of 1.02 across a total of 1005 maps played on LAN along with a K/D of +1036.
Xyp9x is closely followed by the recent Major winner Karrigan who at 32 years of age has played 992 maps on LAN till date.

It is a daunting task to stay relevant in a fast-moving game like CS:GO where staying out of form for too long can be threatening. The 26-year-old Danish rifler, Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth, might not be performing anywhere near his peak at the moment, but he has managed to achieve a significant feat by becoming the first professional CS:GO player to have competed in more than a 1000 maps on LAN, according to stats available on HLTV.

His all-time stats on LAN tournaments showcase his overall HLTV rating as 1.02 across a total of 1005 maps along with a K/D of +1036, quite impressive for someone who has been playing CS:GO professionally since a few months after the game's launch in August 2012.

Xyp9x becomes first pro CS:GO player to compete in more than 1000 maps on LAN

The 'Clutch Minister' might not have showcased his top form for quite some time now, but the CS:GO veteran has racked up a new achievement, one that he should definitely be proud of as it shows how consistent he has been through his career playing on LAN while managing to stay relevant.

With more than 1000 maps on LAN to his name, Xyp9x is currently the only professional CS:GO player with this achievement under his belt. The support rifler has represented multiple organizations like Fnatic, Copenhagen Wolves, Team Dignitas, Team SoloMid, Astralis, and a few others ever since he started competing professionally in CS:GO, earning the title of being one of the most clutch players ever while consistently performing on LAN over the years.

Xyp9x LAN CS:GO maps stats

In the last two years, his performance has taken quite the hit, not even being able to achieve a rating of more than 1.0, which has raised concerns about his future as he continues to play with a struggling Astralis roster.

The recent Major winner, Finn "karrigan" Andersen, is close on Xyp9x's heels and needs to play just eight more matches on LAN to reach the 1000 map mark. At 32 years of age, karrigan is redefining his career and has already become the oldest player to have won a CS:GO Major, shifting his focus towards creating history and winning more accolades with the current FaZe roster.

Astralis has not been able to achieve anything significant so far in 2022. Their most recent performance at the PGL Antwerp Major was quite a disappointment as they got eliminated in the Challengers Stage with a '2-3' scoreline.

Xyp9x under-delivered drastically holding an overall rating of 0.81 at the Antwerp Major with a K/D of -41 across the seven maps that the Danish organization played.

Being one of the senior players on the roster many expect him to step up and deliver when the team is going through a rough patch. His actions within the server will be a topic of discussion as the season proceeds towards the second half of the year.

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