Stewie2K's Insane Lurk Breaches Enemy Defense To Win Liquid The Round


[Watch] Stewie2K's Insane Lurk Breaches Enemy Defense to Win Liquid the Round

The smoke criminal was at it once again.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Stewie2K shows why he is the smoke criminal, as he destroys Entropiq on the back of an incredible lurk.
Not only did he showcase an insane lurk, he also coupled it up with impressive trigger discipline, and a clean couple of frags.
The best part was Stewie2K sharing the clip on Twitter and taking a dig at Tarik, who had fumbled his shot after executing a similar lurk on Overpass.

The former Team Liquid in-game leader, Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip was in good touch against Entropiq yesterday on 3rd September. He might not have fragged the most or showcased insane aim, but he did manage to grab the highlight on the back of his insane lurk play on Overpass.

The smoke criminal was up to his regular antics as he pushed through the 'A-Site' undetected, playing T-sided. He kept his nerves in check, keeping his fingers tight on the trigger, as he shuffled past the defending enemy players to stab Entropiq on 'B-Site' from behind. With a bit of luck and a whole lot of bravery, Stewie2K single-handedly won Liquid the round.

Stewie2K shows why he is the smoke criminal on the back of an insane lurk play

Timing is everything in CS:GO. Professional players have played the game for so long, that they know how to work the clock. They know exactly when to push and when to hold, but then, there are some that have a native instinct to work around this clock on another level. Such players are best suited for the role of a lurker.

While Stewie2K might not be best suited for this position, he definitely has the tenacity to play it when called upon. The 23-year-old rifler pulled off a bold lurk against Entropiq yesterday, pushing through a smoke without much information on what lies on the other side.

Stewie2K taking a dig at Tarik

The move paid off as he successfully entered the 'A-Site', nimbly making his way deeper into the site to gain information about the enemy positions. With perfect timing and some fortune to favor his bravery, Stewie2K was able to avoid both the players on the site, even showing some impressive trigger discipline.

As he swiftly but quietly made his way towards 'Heaven' on 'B-Site' to take care of the two enemy players holding it, taking them down one after the other and sealing the round for his side.

This was an incredible lurk play of the highest quality, as Stewie2K elegantly danced his way through the Entropiq defences to stab them from an angle they least expected to be taken down from. All of it being set into motion because Stewie2K was bold enough to push through the smoke.

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