Ropz Takes Insane Clutch Ace As Frozen Hits EG With 200 IQ Baits


[Watch] Ropz Takes Insane Clutch Ace as Frozen Hits EG With 200 IQ Baits

Mousesports was on fire yesterday with Ropz and Frozen leading the charge.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Ropz and Frozen worked in tandem to win a 2v5 against Evil Geniuses on Nuke at IEM Cologne 2021.
While ropz showcased insane fragging skills to secure a clutch ace, frozen baited EG on the back of some 200 IQ maneuvers.
Mousesports go on to win the series '2-0', eliminating EG from the CS:GO LAN tournament.

IEM Cologne 2021 is currently underway marking the return of competitive CS:GO on LAN. Mousesports who had dropped down to the lower bracket earlier in the tournament were on fire yesterday, eliminating Evil Geniuses (EG) on the back of a brilliant performance by both Robin 'ropz' Kool and David 'frozen' Čerňanský. Despite there being multiple fantastic moments throughout the series, one that stood out the most was ropz securing a brilliant clutch ace on Nuke. Stuck in a 2v5 situation on the fifth round, ropz and frozen worked in tandem to break EG, ropz fragging them down while frozen baited them with some slick moves.

Ropz, Frozen Showcased Epic Teamwork to Break EG

Stuck in a tight spot with the entire EG lineup alive and the C4 under their control, ropz and frozen instead of going for a save, took on a near impossible challenge. Ropz initiated the counter-attack by finding three solid kills in quick succession, cutting down EG's sizable lead to a winnable 2v2 situation.

Having showcased his insane fragging skill, ropz took the backseat as frozen started working his magic, baiting MICHU and stanislaw on the back of some well timed 200 IQ manoeuvres.

From the clip above, it might not be exactly clear what frozen does, so here is a detailed breakdown. MICHU who is holding 'Heaven' at 'A-Site' is in a bit of a panic as both ropz and frozen make their way towards that position.

MICHU and frozen keep evading each other on the back of some really lucky timing, while ropz makes the long rotation. As ropz is climbing up the ladder, frozen makes a sound from outside distracting MICHU for a second, enough for ropz to catch him off guard and take him down.

Stanislaw who is now left alone is prepared to take down ropz knowing that he is at 'Heaven', but once again, frozen charges into the site from 'Main', forcing stanislaw to engage in a gun fight with him and providing ropz the chance to take an easy trade.

Frozen taken down by Stanislaw who is taken down by Ropz

So while ropz showcased some top-notch fragging skills, the slick moves performed by frozen just turned the whole round into a tight and well-executed comeback as mousesports secured a '4-1' lead.

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