REZ Lands The Most Ridiculous Headshot Of 2021 In CS:GO


[Watch] REZ Lands the Most Ridiculous Headshot of 2021 in CS:GO Against ZywOo

One of those rare CS:GO moments.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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One of those rare moments when 'aimpunch' turns out to be advantageous rather than irritating.
REZ took down ZywOo with the most outrageous headshot in the grand finals of IEM Winter 2021.
This could probably be the most ridiculous headshot of 2021 in CS:GO.

There are rare times when 'aimpunch' can actually turn out to be useful in CS:GO, but for it to happen in a professional setting is equal parts hilarious and ridiculous. For all those that are unaware, aimpunch is a mechanic in the game that when a player gets hit in the head or body without armor, their aim briefly flicks up automatically due to the impact. It lasts for a very short duration maybe half a second, but makes it impossible for the player getting hit to aim properly.

Well during the grand finals of IEM Winter 2021, Fredrik "REZ" Sterner got aimpunched but somehow things turned out in his favor as he ended up taking down Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut with the most ridiculous headshot of the year.

REZ styles on ZywOo in the most ridiculous way possible

The grand finals of the IEM Winter 2021 between Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) and Team Vitality was a big deal for both the teams. Though the French lineup ran away with a clean '3-0' sweep, it was REZ who scored the maximum style points for taking down ZywOo in the most ridiculously impressive way possible.

In the second map which took place on Dust 2, REZ was playing 'B-Site' anchor alone as Vitality rushed in through the 'Tunnels'. He was bombarded with utility and flashed for most of the duration, but even in such a dire situation he managed to land a headshot on ZywOo.

It wasn't due to anything he did, except for of course hitting the 'left click' on his mouse as he got aimpunched by a headshot via Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier. Despite the aim being really bad, it somehow struck ZywOo who was mid way through his jump.

It all happened so fast that no one noticed it during the live game, it was the French freelance CS:GO caster Carabon who bought this particular moment to everyone's attention. Within a couple of hours the clip had gone viral across the Counter-Strike community, as users expressed their surprise at possibly the most ridiculous headshot of 2021.

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