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CS:GO Operation Riptide: Week 13, 14, 15, 16 Missions Leaked

Here is what the upcoming Operation Riptide weekly missions have to offer.

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Valve released Operation Riptide on 21st September 2021, introducing huge gameplay changes along with new skins and cosmetics.
While information about missions up until the fourteenth week are known, details about missions up until the sixteenth week have now been leaked.
All missions from week 13 to week 16 will be offering four missions each with varied stars as rewards.

Valve dropped the 11th CS:GO operation titled Operation Riptide two months ago in September. The developers had hyped it up via a series of cryptic tweets that had actively engaged the entire CS:GO community in discussions and debates as to what it may all mean.

The update also introduced huge gameplay changes, some of which have been touted as being meta-defining. New skins and cosmetics were also added along with the operation battlepass, which can be obtained by spending stars. Players can obtain these stars by completing weekly missions, which essentially serve as reward points.

Information about all the weekly CS:GO missions, up until this point, has already been revealed. The fourteenth week of Operation Riptide is currently ongoing, taking place from 22nd to 28th December 2021 (IST). This week a total of nine stars were available for players to obtain by completing a set of four missions.

Thanks to ‘u/BeepIsla’ we have now received leaked information about the CS:GO weekly missions all the way up till the sixteenth week. Complete details about missions pertaining to each week have been provided below.

Operation Riptide: Leaked CS:GO Weekly Missions

Week - 13

This set of CS:GO weekly missions are already over. They took place from 14th to 20th December (15th to 21st December, 1:30 am IST). The week 13 missions, titled 'Practical Oceanography' featured four rather simple but lengthy missions that offered players a chance to earn a total of nine stars.

Operation Riptide - Week 13 CS:GO Missions

Week - 14

The fourteenth-week mission titled 'A Little Competition' will be offering players four different missions with an opportunity to earn a maximum of nine stars as rewards. It is currently ongoing, scheduled to take place from 21st to 27th December (22nd to 28th December, 1:30 am IST).

Once again, all the missions are pretty straightforward and players should ideally complete them with relative ease.

Operation Riptide - Week 14 CS:GO Missions

Week - 15

The fifteenth set of CS:GO weekly missions will be released on 28th December, 8 pm GMT (29th December, 1:30 am IST). The mission titled 'Barrier Reef' will be running till 3rd January 2022 (4th January 2022, 1:30 am IST), featuring four missions that offer players a chance to earn a total of nine stars.

The only lengthy mission is the one named 'Shark Culling Policy' where players will be required to deal 2500 damage in total or 1000 in a single match.

Operation Riptide - Week 15 CS:GO Missions

Week - 16

The sixteenth set of missions will include a total of four missions rewarding players with ten stars. The missions titled 'Riptide!' is scheduled to take place from 4th to 11th January 2022 (5th to 12th January 2022, 1:30 am IST).

The 'Tidal Flow' mission will be a fun mission as players will be showing off their weapon skins from the Operation Riptide Collections. Make sure to put your best cosmetic forward.

Operation Riptide - Week 16 CS:GO Missions

This would be the last week for Operation Riptide weekly missions, after which players will get to know how far were they able to upgrade their Operation Riptide Coin, the criteria for which is as follows:

  • Silver Coin: 33 stars

  • Gold Coin: 66 stars

  • Diamond Coin: 100 stars

Operation Riptide Coin - Silver, Gold, Diamond

All the reward stars earned by the players can be spent to purchase stuff from the in-game shop,

  • CT Master Agent skins: 25 stars

  • T Master Agent skins: 25 stars

  • Superior Agent skins: 10 stars

  • Exceptional Agent skins: 7 stars

  • Distinguished Agent skins: 5 stars

  • Selected skins from new collections: 1 to 100 stars

  • Operation Riptide case: 2 stars

  • Operation Riptide patch: 2 stars

  • Operation Riptide sticker: 1 star

  • Riptide Surf Shop sticker: 1 star

Operation Riptide - CS:GO Reward Shop

However, this will not be the end of Operation Riptide as a whole. It will continue to run till 20th February 2022, registering a total runtime of 152 days starting from 21st September 2021.

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