Weapon Quickswitch Results In Easy Double Kill For HooXi


[Watch] Quickswitching Weapons Results in Easy Double Kill for HooXi

Sometimes, the weapons become your weakness....

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A weapon quickswitch from MIBR's player resulted in information about his position being obtained by HooXi from G2 Esports.
HooXi having collected the information went on to secure a double kill for the side.

Some players have a habit of constantly switching between weapons in CS:GO which in most cases is harmless and for some a fun thing to do. However in some rare cases, it might lead to serious consequences as observed during the match between MIBR and G2 Esports at the ESL Pro League Season 16.

During the 13th round of the second game taking place on Ancient, MIBR was leading with a '7-5' score, G2 finding it hard to break through their defenses.

Once again they found themselves in a 4v5 situation, but a weapon quickswitch error by the enemy team gave away their position, Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen jumping into action which resulted in a 4v3 advantage.

Hooxi takes a quick double kill after enemy teams gives away position due to a weapon quickswitching error

After taking a beating by G2 Esports on their own map pick - Inferno, the Brazilian squad of MIBR was fighting hard in the first half of Ancient, holding their defense taut to take a '7-5' lead.

MIBR was able to gain quick advantage in the 13th round as well, securing an early kill to lock a 4v5 advantage. However, holding an angle just outside 'B-Site' towards the 'T-Spawn' - HooXi was able to gain vital information about a MIBR player creeping down due to a weapon quickswitch that he was able to spot.

Immeditealy, HooXi called in for a flash support which was provided to him by Justin "jks" Savage, as he swung around the corner to catch not one but two unsuspecting MIBR players by complete suprise.

He took down both Breno "brnz4n" Poletto and Matheus "Tuurtle" Anhaia who had turned around to avoid the flash, HooXi converting the situation into a 4v3 advantage which provided G2 an entry into the site and also the round.

It is not often that such a thing results in a player giving away their position, but in this case it definitely did not work in MIBR's favor. A situation that could have been easily avoided if the player had not opted to do it.

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